Safety enhancements were made on the crosswalks that run along Main Street in Keene, which runs parallel to Keene State College’s campus.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore

On Friday, Sept. 16, Campus Safety Director Amanda Guthorn sent an email stating that this would affect traffic since only one lane going in direction will be available.

Crosswalks were also affected, as they were the project of focus. Guthorn stated in her email,  “The two crosswalks are in front of Elliot and Rhodes.

Guthorn stated the enhanacements would  “include adding areas of refuge….where pedestrians can safely wait…relining crosswalks and yield areas and adding additional signage for greater visibility.”

Earlier this year, only a few weeks short of graduation, a student was hit on one of Main Street crosswalks. According to an article written by Senior Reporter Jacob Barrett, “Sweatt sustained serious injuries as a result of the accident.  According to her mother, Lori, Abbie has a skull fracture along with other injuries.”

Sweatt was unavailble for comment.

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*Corrections made 9/22/16: Paragraphs 2 and 3: changed “effect” to “affect.”*

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