When it comes to sharing their lives with the rest of the world while throwing comedy and art into the mix, millennials seem to be professionals. Snapchat, a beloved app among young adults, aids in doing just that.

Snapchat allows users to send pictures or videos to friends for ten seconds before they disappear. Users also can include other features, like adding filters to create illusions on pictures and video, or adding pictures to a “story,” which can be viewed for 24 hours before it disappears. Recently, Snapchat also added a news aspect, where users can read articles from CNN, People Magazine, Buzzfeed, National Geographic and others.

Keene State College students spoke up on the importance of Snapchat in their own lives.

Jake Bodah, a KSC senior, said he uses the app every day.

Patrick O’Connor / Equinox Staff

Patrick O’Connor / Equinox Staff

“I think I’m hilarious, and I need to share that comedy with my friends,” Bodah said. “I love the new face filter feature; it steps my comedy game up.”

Emilee Silegy, a KSC senior, said  she uses Snapchat for comedic relief and to stay in touch with friends in Keene, as well as friends she doesn’t go to school with.

“Snapchat is great because it’s instantaneous videos and pictures. I also use it to communicate,” Silegy said. “Friends who don’t go to Keene who’ve never met my boyfriend always joke that they feel like they know him because of my snap stories.”

KSC junior Devin Gilson said he uses Snapchat as an alternate route to sharing things on other forms of social media

Gilson said, “I use the app mostly for sharing things I find amusing with a few people rather than posting it on Facebook.”

Students agree that the app, which was released in September 2011, has definitely evolved over the years

“I think it was created to be a fast way to communicate in a way that was more than just text or speaking,” Silegy said. “Snapchat would say where you are, what you’re wearing, who you’re with and how you’re feeling in one second.”

Gilson added, “Snapchat has turned from a pretty fringe thing into something common in most teen and young adult circles, and has turned from a simple friends messaging friends service into a sort of advertising service as well.”

While the app can be used to document events, vacations or even day-to-day life, students have differing opinions on how much Snapchatting is too much.

Bodah said that he is not amused by long Snapchat stories.

“I have a friend who documents his entire day on Snapchat…It gets old really fast,” Bodah explained.

Silegy, however, said she prides herself in her long Snapchat stories.

“I document almost everything. I’m known for having extremely long snapchats showing anything I’m doing,” Silegy said. “It’s funny to go out the next day and look back on the night before.”

Students said they believe that it’s safe to say Snapchat has evolved into something of an art form.

“To me, I’m really open with my life, and Snapchat is an outlet for me to express myself,” Silegy said.

Gilson explained, “Every so often, I’ll get a snap with just the right amount of humor or photographic grace to appear as almost a work of art or comedic gold.”

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