Nick Tocco

Equinox Staff

Student Government met for another Student Assembly where they emphasized starting the semester off on a good note. The council discussed the emphasis they will need to have with Title 9 and making sure resources made available to students will be equitable and cost effective.

With the New Hampshire Primary on the horizon, student government discussed the conflict of voter verification and students using either student I.D’s and driver’s license I.D’s to vote. The mixing of forms of identification was described as confusing as both forms are accepted to vote, making it difficult to voting booth staff to keep track of voters. Student government looks to develop a system to make the process less complicated in a cost effective way.

The sophomore class is looking to restructure an e-board for their class to study abroad. The involvement fair is this Friday in the atrium of the student center and student government looks to put together a productive event. In addition to this Friday’s events, the student board budget deadline is on the same day at 4:30 p.m. It was suggested at Student Assembly to use the case and walkway of campus near the student center more, possibly implementing a “question of the week” to get students to be more interactive.

A bar is possibly being opened in Keene between Aroma Joes and The Mills apartment complex. Referring to the prospect of another bar being put in place close to campus, Student Body President Bobby Graham said that it could be “one of the worst things to happen,” to the community. Graham advocated to the council to protest the bar being put in place with the backlash and recovery from the pumpkin fest riots kept in mind.

The council also discussed the “100 Nights” events beginning, referring to the 100 nights between now and the graduation of the KSC senior class. Student Government will be holding an event Thursday in the Student Center with no affiliation to the “100 Nights” events being held at the bars on Main Street.

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