If you want to “burn the weekend off” then you should check out Michaela’s spin class, Sundays at 6 p.m. in the Spaulding gym.

It’s been about a month since New Year’s and like most people one of my resolutions was to exercise more. However, I find that getting the motivation to actually hit the gym often comes in numbers. I’m talking about group fitness classes.

While many people go to the gym solo, group fitness can be a great way to get healthy, meet new people and get involved on campus.

As a first-time spinner, I was initially intimidated by the thought of the class because cycling or spinning is such a mainstream work out these days. However, the class was small and the instructor Michaela was friendly and helpful.

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

I would advise people to call ahead and save a bike just in case the class that day is large.

You start with a couple minutes of warm up, then throughout an hour long class will do a variety of  biking positions and phases. By phases I mean things like climbing “hills,” “jumps,” “jogging” and “sprints.”

I will admit that the first five minutes my legs were on fire but after getting into the rhythm I pushed through and it became a full-body workout engaging my abs, arms and legs.

I really enjoyed being told what to do:, sit, jog, sprint. I think that is really what makes group fitness classes encouraging.

Aside from the workout, I found the class to be really fun. The music selection was great, with everything from britney spears to sam hunt and the tempos matched perfectly with the speed of the bikes. It was actually really cool to see the entire class be in sync with the music.

Maybe it’s just the former cheerleader in me, but I really wish spinning had more of a team energy to it. (Perhaps I felt this way because the class I attended was small.) Although you are surrounded by other people, the battle is between you and the bike. When it seemed like the entire class was working through a hard part and the instructor was motivating us, I too wanted to chime in with a “Let’s go everyone you got this! Push through!”

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Alternative Workout Tips: from spin class instructor Michaela Curzman

“Exercising in college, especially in college, really relieves stress. It’s a really healthy way to get outside from your schoolwork.”

“Go at your own pace and take your own breaks when you need to.”

“Don’t give up! If you feel uncomfortable at first your body will get used to it. I know that for beginners getting used to the seat is hard. It usually takes people three classes to get comfortable on the bike.”

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