Thanksgiving has come and gone and fashion trends are changing with the temperatures outside – gone are the days of plaid button-ups and fall colored cardigans. It’s time to break out the ugly Christmas sweaters.

Keene State College students are getting fired up over this age-old trend and are speaking up on their favorite parts about ugly sweaters and about the upcoming holiday season.

KSC senior, Shawn Murray said that his favorite part of the holidays is being able to go home to Nashua, New Hampshire to spend time with his family.

Murray said that while he doesn’t own many ugly Christmas sweaters of his own, his mother has quite the collection. “Usually if I’m in the mood to wear [an ugly Christmas sweater], I just steal them from my mom. She has a whole bunch,” Murray said.

KSC sophomore Richard Sousa said that he’s slowly but surely adding ugly Christmas sweaters to his wardrobe. “At the moment I only own two, but I will be getting a third one soon. I think this could turn into a yearly tradition,” Sousa said.

Tara Levy/ Student Life Editor

Tara Levy/ Student Life Editor

Sousa, who said he’s a fan of the Adult Swim cartoon “Rick and Morty,” will be getting a new sweater soon featuring a character from the show.

KSC junior Devin Gilson is the proud owner of just one Christmas sweater. “My favorite part is getting to see everyone happy and in a festive mood,” Gilson said of the holiday season.

KSC sophomore Suzanne Hassanein, said that she’s also looking forward to spending time with friends from home. “I really can’t wait to decorate everything with loads of Christmas lights,” Hassanein said.

While Hassanein doesn’t own any ugly Christmas sweaters of her own, she said that she is still a huge fan of the trend.  “When December rolls around, I usually stop by my grandma’s house to prepare for the season,” Hassanein said.  Hassanein continued, “I obviously love the sweaters that light up, but I don’t like the sweaters that are too busy.”

In contrast to Hassanein’s opinion, Gilson said that his favorite sweaters are the ones that have a lot going on.

“I really like Christmas sweaters with as many different pictures as possible in the brightest colors,” Gilson said, “and I think everyone should certainly own at least one holiday sweater.”

When it comes to the holiday season, Hassanien said that she’s looking forward to the themed parties that are sure to happen.

“Ugly Christmas sweater parties are the best,” Hassanein said, “There is no need to spend a long time looking for an outfit that will work. All you need are some black leggings and your favorite holiday sweater.”

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