Good vibes bring good results.

At least that’s the hope of first-year Anna O’Brien. O’Brien came to Keene State College to play lacrosse for the Owls, but didn’t want to play just one sport. The first-year student also plays for the women’s hockey and women’s rugby club teams.

Before coming to Keene State College, O’Brien was a backup goalie for her school’s lacrosse team and a captain on her hockey team. After coming to KSC, O’Brien added rugby to her student-athlete resume.

O’Brien described herself as easygoing and “the jokester.”

Photo Editor / Tim Smith

Photo Editor / Tim Smith

However, when she is competing, women’s hockey coach Drew Arsenault said that her attitude changes and she becomes more aggressive when the game starts.

“When she gets on the ice she has a different persona, a hockey persona,” Arsenault said.

O’Brien said that she is intense and focused while competing, but has learned to do her best at keeping her cool.

“You always turn bad vibes into good vibes and try to turn anger into something good.” O’Brien continued, “You have to take your pissed off-ness and turn it into something good for the team.”

If she gets a little too heated, O’Brien said she sings to herself during the game to calm down.

The playing field isn’t her only stage, though. The Massachusetts native said she is very low key, and spends much of her free time with friends playing guitar, which she mostly learned to play on her own. She plays other instruments as well, such as the piano, trumpet, bass guitar and more. As a film major, the three-sport athlete has been working on projects for her classes and drawing (badly, she claims) to relieve stress.

What O’Brien really enjoys, she said, is the team-dynamic of being a part of a sports team.

“I think the team environment is so awesome and the teams here are so incredible,“ O’Brien said.

Junior and rugby teammate Lauren Futtner said that even while injured and sharing her commitment to rugby with hockey, O’Brien still showed her support for her rugby squad from  the sidelines.

“She was just as much a part of the team,” Futtner said.

Despite her easy-going attitude towards her life and the people around her, O’Brien has made a reputation for herself as being an aggressive competitor when she laces up her skates or cleats.

No matter the mindset, Futtner said that O’Brien’s mentality on life and sports is contagious to those she interacts with.

“Just her bubbly personality and positive attitude, it just rubs off on everyone,” Futtner said.

Still, O’Brien said she’s learning a lot and enjoying her time at Keene State College, trying to spread positivity as much as she can.

“What I lack in skill I try to make up for in good vibes,” O’Brien continued, “If you have that drive and you have that belief in yourself and your team, you can go places.”

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