Samuel Douglass
Equinox Staff

The Keene State College Student Assembly met this Wednesday to discuss the allocation of funds to the Alternative Break program and an op-ed that would be submitted to the Sentinel later this week.

A presentation by the Alternative Break program was first on the agenda and it explained the accomplishments and future goals of the program. Last year the alternative break program consisted of 130 participating students that attended 13 different domestic and international trips.

Jessica Gagne Cloutier coordinator of the Alternative Break program highlighted the importance of the volunteer program which gives students the opportunity to represent Keene State College in a positive manner while helping less fortunate individuals.She explained that the program promotes active citizenship and that this year there is an anticipated four thousand hours of community service for twelve different social justice issues.

Alternative spring break was allocated nineteen thousand dollars last year and hoped to see the same funds this year.

With tighter funds this year do to issues of pumpkin fest last year, the student assembly agreed to allocate the Alternative Break program twelve thousand dollars instead of the nineteen that was granted last year. The decision was unanimous among the assembly.

Student body president Bobby Graham remarked on the drop in funding “Student organizations should not be punished due to the situation that we as a school have been put into because of pumpkin fest but actions must be taken due to this situation”

Mason Prata member of the alternative break program commented on the shrinkage of funding. “The program is not about tourism it is about making a difference, twelve thousand dollars is enough for us to make a difference”

The assembly continued with a discussion of writing an op-ed to the sentinel. The article would focus on the positive influence that Keene State college has on the community as a whole. The article would be five hundred to seven hundred words and is attempting to shine a better light on the college after the incidents of pumpkin fest last year.

The assembly continued to discuss available positions on the student assembly. Currently there are two open positions one for Senior class representative and one for Freshman class representative. Students interested in these positions must contact the student assembly by November 18th.

Going forward for next student assembly meeting the council agreed on the possible implementation of a new Dining Hall website that would allow better updates and feedback for students and faculty.

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