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With fall in full swing and snow on its way, the fashion around campus has changed from pastels to plaids and from high-wasted shorts to skinny jeans, but what about the footwear?

Although we are still without snow, the colder weather recently might have Keene State College students changing out of their sneakers and lacing up something warmer to match their layered fall looks.

A nice pair of boots to compliment your earth-toned jacket could be just the trick in revamping your fall look. Not only will you be in style, but you’ll be staying warm while doing it.

Senior MacKenzie Heimert said that once the cold hits, it’s boots only for him.

“Once the snow starts falling I’ll make the switch to boots; it might just be the little Vermonter in me,” Heimert said.

Heimert then said that he “just needs a pair of boots that work well – waterproof, and that withstand the weather.” For Mackenzie it’s all about purpose; style and trends are left by the wayside when the weather turns frigid, right alongside his sneakers.

KSC senior Alex Terry said it’s about being versatile.

“During the fall it’s [shoe fashion] anything. I’m wearing Steve Maddens right now and, you know, one day it could be Sperrys,” Terry said.

When asked about the cold weather that’s making its way toward Keene, Terry said, “If it’s cold outside I’m wearing boots, because I strongly dislike the cold.”

It’s all about balance for Terry, he said that “helping one another out when it comes to fashion is important,” but that “you can mix, and spice it up with your own kind of stuff.”

Although it’s been warmer than expected recently, pants have been, and will be, making their way out of hiding and onto the legs of KSC students, and picking the right shoes to go along is crucial.

The style experts over at said that once it gets really cold guys should “grab a pair of lace-up boots to give the chinos more of a mountain-man feel.” said that guys sporting joggers or jeans should stay away from the “infantile look” of “slip-on-shoes” and instead “dress it up” with some desert boots.

Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the athletic-chic look, according to, and you don’t need to be going to the gym to rock sneakers in the fall, especially while it’s still snow-free here in Keene. stated, “Not necessarily the athletic type, but those [who] are trendy and make running around campus from classes to meetings much easier, without having to sacrifice style.”

According to, once fall hits and your skin is in need of shelter from the cold, riding boots are the way to go for your more dressed-up fall days. stated, “Tall and structured is the way to go. They’re the ideal boot for just about the entire school year when paired with pants.”

First-year Isabella Cava agreed with this statement. When asked what shoes she wears while walking on Appian Way she said, “Probably riding roots because that’s what’s been in for the past few years.”

Cava continued, “Uggs will always be in because they are comfy and warm, and no one cares if you ruin them because they’re not that nice looking.”

When asked if the weather dictates her style or if fashion comes before comfort, Cava said, “Fashion sometimes comes before comfort, depending on the day.”

Senior Victoria Folk has more of an narrow approach when it comes to fashion, as she was concise with her response. She said, “Fashion definitely comes before comfort.”

Folk went on to add that her trendy nature will remain the same with riding boots throughout the fall and winter, “I would say riding boots are in, like the tall boots that go pretty much below your knee or the short ones that are kind of by your ankle,” Folk said.

Folk said she’s hesitant to wear her nicer, leather riding boots in fear of potential water damage and will switch to something that is “better for the snow.”

Senior Hanna Desouza agreed, the snow will affect her shoe game, but won’t compromise her style.

Come first snowfall she said she’s going to switch out of her Tiffany blue Nike Frees and will switch to something more comfortable and waterproof like her Bean Boots.

Desouza laughed when asked if she tends to base her shoes off of her favorite celebrities. She said, “No, because I can’t afford the shoes they wear.”

Once winter comes, snow covered boots will be stomping through campus and squeaking away in the hallways of the academic buildings and the Dining Commons, but, for now, casual footwear like desert boots, athletic sneakers and leather riding boots will be the go-to shoes for students at KSC.

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