With the weather getting chillier, Keene State College students break out their favorite fall attire to take on the cooler temperatures in style.

According to a blog post written by the popular bohemian apparel and lifestyle retail company, Free People, casual, comfortable and practical looks always do the trick for when colder weather comes around. “When fall sweeps in, wardrobe prep is high on our to-do list – out with the old, in with the new. And what does everyone need? The perfect sweater.”

KSC students shared their favorite types of sweaters to wear for the fall 2015 season and said that they favor the ones that are more oversized and loose fitting.

Junior Paige Carito said that, in addition to oversized sweaters, she also favors chunky and hand-me-down mom sweaters for the fall season.

“I like the oversized sweater trend. In the fall and winter it is all I wear when I’m forced to wear something other than my athletic clothes. However, I think the look becomes too much in more of a formal setting, but for everyday outfits it is really easy and comfortable. It is nice because you can either dress it up or down depending on where you’re going,” Carito said.

Carito added that she usually matches her sweaters with a pair of sandals if it is warm, along with either boots or Toms in the colder weather because they are comfortable and warm.

In order to achieve her favorite fall looks, Carito said that she usually shops at Forever21, TJMaxx and Francesca’s.

Kendall Pope/ Managing Executive Editor

Kendall Pope/ Managing Executive Editor

“I like to buy fall clothes at the end of the summer when new fall clothes are starting to come out. For the fall season I like to wear mostly dark colors, such as black, maroon brown, red, etc. I really like cream colored sweaters to match with the dark colors,” Carito said.

Like Carito, KSC senior Stephanie Holinko said that she also favors loose fitting sweaters and cardigans for the fall season.

“I like the oversized trend because I think it is a good way to put together a really cute outfit and be comfortable at the same time,” Holinko said.

For shoes, Holinko said that she’d choose between either boots or converse depending on what type of pants she is wearing.

Holinko added that she goes shopping for fall attire around the middle-end of August/beginning of September because that is when all the new styles come out in stores. She said that her favorite stores to shop in are Windsor, Nasty Gal and online fashion boutique, Dainty Hooligan.

Senior Matthew Pereira said that his fall sweater weather consists of neutral colors matched with jeans and flats to achieve a classy yet subtle look.

“I usually stick to more form-fitting sweaters and cardigans for the fall season. I like this look because it allows me to look nice but also be comfortable while I sit in class all day,” Pereira said.

Pereira said that although he sticks to neutral colors, he likes to experiment with different patterns to add a unique twist on the everyday sweater trend.

“My style for when I am in class and for when I go out does not really change because sometimes I like to wear a nice sweater or cardigan on a weekend night. I try and dress it up a little with a nicer pair of pants and shoes, but other than that I can switch off my looks for a night out with friends or for a day full of class and school work,” Pereira said. As stated in an article published by Elle Magazine, sweaters are exactly the kind of thing that people get excited for during fall since they seem to become a necessity for both men and women as the temperatures begin to drop. Whether students are aiming for a comfortable, casual or classy look, sweaters have the ability to be dressed up or down making it easy to fit a sweater into anyone’s desired style.

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