Jacob Barrett
Equinox Staff

The Keene State College Student Assembly met on Tuesday night for their first meeting of the month. During the meeting, one student, Senior Jessica L’Hoomedieu, went before the school’s student representatives to inform them of the growing burden that impacts nearly all of those who attend college– student debt.

L’hommedieu noted that New Hampshire receives the least amount of state funding for its public schools and as a result students are left in a financial hole coming out of college that will take them decades to pay off.

“New Hampshire does not care about our education,” L’hommedieu said.

L’hommedieu went on to tell the council about the Million Student March, a movement by students from across the country to promote change in the funding of public schools. According to L’hommedieu and the MSM website, the group wants free public-college tuition, cancellation of all student debt and a $15 minimum wage for campus workers. KSC’s Million Student March is not officially connected with the school.

Many of the representatives showed their support following the presentation, but there was no vote held. The million student march will be held November 12, with the Keene chapter marching on the KSC campus.

The newly elected first-yearclass joined the council on Tuesday as well. The first-year representatives are President Briae Robillard, Vice President Allie Tolles, Secretary Anthony Jennings, Treasurer Annie Brida and general representatives Cassie Paradis, Sarah Dugas, Veronica Reeder and Kenadee Cadieux.

Student body president Bobby Graham briefly discussed this year’s pumpkin lobotomy, which will be scaled down to around 500 pumpkins. Graham urged the council to make sure they promote good behavior this month, and said that actions can speak louder than anything that has been or will be said about the school regarding the events of last October.

The council voted unanimously to transfer $1,250 to the Kronicle organization to pay a previously unpaid e-board member.

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