Mike Giacomo, 33, is a chemical engineer at  Markem-Imaje in Keene.

Giacomo said that he believes the current council  is out of touch with actual future of keene and wants to be a representative for the younger community members in Keene.

Contributed Photo by Mike Giacomo

Contributed Photo by Mike Giacomo

“Keene is one of the youngest cities in the state of New Hampshire and there are some problems that go along with that  and one them being  that it’s too expensive for this young population we have. It’s too expensive for them to settle down like we would like them too in keen,” Giacomo said..

Giacomo said that the average age of our council is not truly representative of the demographics in Keene.

“Many of them[ councilors ] even have friends close friends in that context that are living with these troubles- the challenges of having student loan debt and affording apartment in keene while having a job that pays relatively well on average but does not pay enough to cover expensive of keene which drives people out of the city .. starting a family family is being taken out of town along with the money,” Giacomo said.

Giacomo is a board members Keene young professionals , president and captain of keene’s men’s rugby club, volunteer interact club, destination imagination program and a member of  Keene Chamber of Commerce.

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