George Hansel, 29, is the  National Sales Manager of Filtrine Manufacturing Company in Keene and is running for city councilor at large.

“I care about this community and I want us to thrive for years to come,” Hansel said.

Contributed Photo by George Hansel

Contributed Photo by George Hansel

Hansel said that he is making connections all around the community and has worked with  the cheshire career center   for Keene High School as well as employing  Keene State College students and working with the colleges safety program.

Along with building connections  Hansel said he also wants to focus on economic development if elected.

“I would hope to spearhead a targeted and proactive economic development strategy and use my background in business development to reach out and court some outside companies that we think would be a good fit for Keene.. It all comes back having getting high paying jobs and I really think that while that doesn’t solve every single challenge the city is facing it does a lot,” Hansel said.

Hansel also said he would like to retain more young professional and young families in Keene.

“ Young professionals go where the jobs are, everything else is nice and you definitely need to maintain a good Quality of life but at the end of the day your going to go where the best opportunity is. This would increase demand for owner occupied single family homes near downtown,” Hansel said.

Hansel is a member of the Keene Planning Board, conservation committee,  the Mayors committee on substance solutions, monadnock voices for prevention, incorporator monadnock family services,development team for Cheshire county system of care, historical society and the Keene Chamber of Commerce.

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