Martin O’Malley (Democrat)

Personal Information: 

Martin O’Malley (Democrat)

Martin O’Malley (Democrat)

Born: January 18, 1963 (age 52)

              Washington, D.C.

Alma Mater: The Catholic University of America (1985)

                            University of Maryland

                            School of Law (1988)

Spouse: Katie O’Malley

Children: Will, Jack, Grace, Tara

Positions Held:

– Governor of Maryland 2007-2015

– Mayor of Baltimore 1999-2007

Campaign Views:

Environment: “Progress is a choice. Job creation is a choice. Whether we give our children a future of more or a future of less – this, too, is a choice.” Passed Adopt the Clean Cars Act to fight global warming.

Marijuana: “Let Colorado experiment with legalization not Maryland”

LGBT: Attacked Hillary Clinton for lateness to accept gay marriage as constitutional right, however was the eighth state to legalize gay marriage.

Education: Positive voting record in education, all families deserve education opportunities. Allow refinancing college loans & income-based repayments “The most valuable investment we can make is in our children’s education. When we make education a priority, we give our children opportunity. Opportunity to learn at higher levels than their parents were able to learn; to earn at higher levels than we were able to earn”

Jobs: Recovery & Reinvestment Act creates jobs; spend more locally. (Feb 2011)

Economy: Believes strongly in rebuilding our nation’s once dominant economy. Believes in raising minimum wage and extending unemployment benefits. “Our parents and grandparents understood this truth deeply. They believed – as we do – that to create jobs, a modern economy requires modern investments: educating, innovating and rebuilding for our children’s future. Building an economy to last, from the middle class up, not from the billionaires down”

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