Jeb Bush (Republican)

Personal Information: 

Jeb Bush (Republican)

Jeb Bush (Republican)

Born: February 11, 1953 (age 62)

Alma Mater: University of Texas

Spouse: Columba Bush

Children: George, Noelle, John

Positions Held:

– Governor of Florida

Campaign Views:

Education: Supporter of Common Core.

“Higher standards, along with real accountability and school choice and ending social promotion and teacher effectiveness plans and rewarding teachers for continuous improvement [in] student learning – all that together yields rising student achievement.”

Guns: Believes in expansion of gun owner rights and signed “stand your ground” legislation in 2005 as governor of Florida

Immigration: Wants to create a legal status instead of a path to citizenship, for undocumented residents. Limit family-related legal immigration

“There’s practical things that we can do to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants, which clearly is important to do.”

Campaign Issues: Bush heavily focused on stopping illegal immigration while respecting rights of legal immigrants. He is also a firm supporter of common core and believes it raises the standards of our educational system.

Foreign Policy: Opposes nuclear deal with Iran.

Believes in considering stationing troops near Russia.

Fact Check: Was previously caught being inaccurate about the increase in inflation during his brother’s presidency.

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