Sounds of air pumps and excited laughter greeted students as they approached Inflatable Madness on September 4, 2015.

The Social Activities Council’s After Hours Program was off to a great start according to many

Colton mckraken/ staff photographer

Colton mckraken/ staff photographer

Keene State College students.

One of the biggest amenities from the night was the smoothie bar. Flavors included Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Mango Strawberry and a pure Banana Smoothie. Junior at KSC and member of SAC’s After Hours Program, Mason Robbins, said he couldn’t make them fast enough.

Sophomore at KSC, Justin Mahan, said he was very thrilled with the turnout. Mahan said this is his first year as the After Hours Coordinator and that he has a lot of exciting events planned for this fall and he can’t wait for the students to check them out.

Mahan said, “I enjoy picking out the different events we have for After Hours, and Inflatable Madness seems to have been a hit.”

Mahan even offered a Spoiler Alert.

After Hours will be hosting a Ghost Hunter in October. The first 45 students in the Mable Brown Room in the student center will get to go with the Ghost Hunter on a tour of Elliot and Huntress.

He said there will be a presentation that everyone can participate in before the tours.

Jennifer Ferrell, the Director of Student Involvement, watched the program with contentment.

Colton mckraken/ staff photographer

Colton mckraken/ staff photographer

She said that she created After Hours four years ago and is excited to see it doing so well.

Ferrell said her job at the activity that night was just to make sure everything was under control and offer support to Mahan in case he should need it.

Ferrell said she is excited to see the other activities come to life later in the semester. These activities

include comedians, magicians, hypnotists and more. She urges everyone to come out and at least try a few events.

She said posters for these events should be posted inside dorms and buildings, just look for the posters that say After Hours.

As the event went on some students offered their perspective on the night.

Brendan Olson, a Sophomore, said “ I am having a great time, I raced through the Obstacle Course and I enjoyed it immensely.”   

Another KSC student, Grace Oliver, said she was not only enjoying a smoothie at the free smoothie bar, but she also enjoyed having a place to go at night that is safe and on campus.

The activities included at Inflatable Madness were a free smoothie bar, an obstacle course and a

Colton mckraken/ staff photographer

Colton mckraken/ staff photographer

human wrecking ball. With the human wrecking ball, students would stand on inflated squares and try to knock each of the other players off their square using the giant hanging ball in the center.

Ferrell also stated that the After Hours program would like to remind students that these activities are every first Friday, second Saturday and third Thursday of the month.

These programs offer students a safe and fun environment on weekends. It’s great for students who want to meet new people and have a carefree evening.

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