The Pumpkin Festival has officially found a new home. As of Friday, April 24, Laconia, New Hampshire is the new host for the pumpkin-carving celebration.

When volunteers began preparing for the festival in late 2014, they had no idea it would be the last one held in Keene, NH.

After many meetings with Keene city council, citizens, organization leaders and students, the final planning license had been denied.

Laconia kept a close eye on the proceedings, as they were preparing to take over the festival

File Photo / Kyle Bailey

File Photo / Kyle Bailey

in 2015. “When the determination for no license occurred, the [Laconia] community started the conversation,” Laconia city manager Scott Myers said. Myers said there was much talk of Pumpkin Fest between the Chamber of Commerce, mayor and citizens of Laconia.

As for deserving the honor of hosting the Pumpkin Festival, Laconia believes itself to be the perfect fit.

“We have great community spirit,” Myers said. He spoke highly of the volunteers who were willing to put in work at the festival. Pumpkin Fest will not be Laconia’s first major event. Myers also mentioned the Laconia Motorcycle Week in June, which draws thousands of people into the city.

The city of Laconia also hosts the World Championship Sled Dog Derby in February, bringing in contestants from all around the country.

Myers said the layout of downtown Laconia is a great fit for the Pumpkin Festival.

He said Lake Winnipesaukee makes for a great view in Laconia and brings beauty to the atmosphere.

The Pumpkin Festival is set to be hosted in Laconia, NH on Oct 24, 2015.

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