Being a college student allows people the chance for many new experiences, but can also become overwhelming and stressful.

Students say they often have multiple things to balance, including classes, jobs, extracurricular activities, social lives and building and strengthening their resumes.

According to a 2013 study done by Daniel Eisenberg, who is an associate professor of health management and policy at the School of Public Health, nationwide about 17 percent of graduate and undergraduate students reported having some degree of depression.

Additionally, about seven percent reported having some degree of anxiety and around six percent reported having thoughts about attempting suicide.

Stress itself is also dangerous and can increase risk for heart problems, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center.

According to there are many other side effects those experiencing stress can face.

The article states that stress can make it hard to control emotions, damage interpersonal relationships, can cause weight loss or gain and weaken the immune system.

Although the American Psychological Association recommends people   who are stressed to do calming outlets and use social outlets, Keene State College students said they have their own ways to overcome stress and challenging situations.

Student Karen Cooper said her stress level could be described as “medium-high.”

She said one of the biggest challenges she faces this semester is finishing up credits in order to graduate on time.

Copper said a few of the ways she faces her challenges include taking time to go to the library to focus on work while making time to go out with her friends.

Cooper said her ways of dealing with challenges she faces during the school year have been pretty successful.

She said one of the biggest challenges she dealt with during her time at KSC was her sophomore year.

Cooper said, “I would say my dad losing his job and almost having to quit school was the most difficult part of being at KSC. It was extremely difficult and scary.”

She added, “I worked a lot and my dad did what he could do make ends meet back home. So I really focused on getting good grades and applying to a lot more scholarships.”

Another KSC student, Sarah Thibaudeau, said her stress level during the academic year is above average.

The main reason for this, she said, is thinking about graduation and finding a job after school.

In order to try to relax Thibaudeau said she spends time with her friends, but also takes some time to herself.

However, despite her attempts to unwind she said, “I am still really stressed with figuring out life after graduation.”

She said she had already overcome her biggest challenge, which was coming to KSC in the first place.

Thibaudeau said, “I originally wasn’t going to college after high school so choosing to come here and further my education and life was a huge challenge and a big decision for me.”

Paul Mazzola is another KSC student who said he is constantly working to overcome stress.

Mazzola also described his stress level as “medium-high.”

He said, “Most of my stress comes from trying to do well my last year while looking for jobs and being a [resident assistant].”

He added reading and going to the gym are the main ways he handles stress.

However, Mazzola said, “It hasn’t been working too well this semester since I’ve been having trouble finding time for myself.”

He said he has been an RA for two years, which he said has contributed to his biggest challenge at KSC.

He stated, “The hardest obstacle I have at KSC was handling school work with my RA position.”

He added, “I had a lot of trouble managing my time last year but now I’ve been keeping a calendar and setting reminders for myself.”

For students at KSC who find they need to talk to someone to help with any stress or other problems, the KSC Counseling Center is a resource available to all students.

The Counseling Center is located on the third floor of the Elliot Center and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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