One year after staring up, the Keene State Club Soccer team has made it into a league where they will take on multiple schools around the region.

The Keene State Club Soccer team lead by Junior Will Holden has officially been place in the Region One League of New England.

Holden and his three other members of the executive board started the club in the spring of 2014. The process of actually getting the club started was a long, but getting it done was very satisfying.

“I had to go through the whole process of; forming a constitution, recruiting players, and then getting approved by student assembly. We went through that whole process and became a recognized club. Ever since then its been going through the motions to get to where we are now,” Holden said.

Holden and his executive board for the club team has been doing all they can to better the club, and to



make sure that they get things done when they need to be.

The Treasurer of the club, Colby Easter, said he is impressed with the work that has been done to get where they are now.

“I think in the short amount of time it was really impressive that we got everyone together. We got two games this spring,

which is more than a club soccer team has ever played. It’s nice to see it just progressing into a real team.” Vice President, Jake Dimeglio, said he has been playing soccer since he was three-years-old, and is excited to get back out there after taking time off since high school.

“I started playing just to get back into that competitive mindset. It was great to start playing again; I haven’t played since high school.”

Dimeglio added, “I love being on E-board. I was the captain my senior year of high school. I like the leadership position to help kids and motivate them.”

Secretary, Noom Thaibandit, said he wants to boost his résumé by being on the Executive board, and his love for the game and the school is also a big part of it too. “I play because of the sport really. Having fun, making new friends and just being involved in something.”

Thaibandit added, “I wanted to be apart of Keene State life, and just playing the sport that I love, and just talking with the guys about what we can do to make things better is awesome.”

All four of the executive board members are involved in some kind of extra curricular activity. Whether it is working in a Biology lab to being a part of a fraternity, they all stay busy when they are not playing soccer.

The team had a total of three games in the past year, but the two losses and one tie that they encountered has not slowed them down one bit. Holden said that they will have more games next year.

“For the fall we will be playing six league games, and we can schedule other games whenever we want. We will also play in a regional tournament, which will be great,” Holden said. Holden also added that with the budget that the team was granted he hopes to have this club running for a long time to come.  “We have a budget now. We will buy all brand new equipment, which will pretty much set the club for a long time. It’s all coming together now, and its looking great,” Holden said.

Looking ahead, the team has plans for the fall besides the six games that they will play. Dimeglio said that they have a fundraiser in the works for the club team. “We are looking to hold our own tournament in the fall as a fundraising event. It’ll be the first annual Keene State Club Soccer tournament, which will be pretty cool.”

Holden said he is very happy with the response and hard work of his executive board, and he thinks they are in a good place. “This is a really good starting point for our club. It’s just a really good place to get going for soccer.”

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