Not only is junior baseball player Joe Libby the Owls’ leadoff hitter, he is also statistically one of their best batters.

With a batting average of .363 and an on-base percentage of .417, as well as 16 runs scored and 11 RBIs, Libby, according to his coach and fellow teammates, is doing his job stepping up to the plate at the top of the lineup.

Once on base, Libby is also a threat to run at any time, making pitchers uneasy with his speed and giving him the potential to steal a base at any time — something he’s done four times this season.

Libby has been one of few elements of relative consistency for the team.

Despite the numbers he has put up this season, though, Libby said he has the ability to perform at an even higher level.

Tim SMith  / Photo Editor

Tim SMith / Photo Editor

“I definitely feel like I could be playing better,” Libby said.

The Hooksett, New Hampshire, native is efficient on defense as well, and has yet to commit an error on the season. This, along with being a reliable source of offense, is what Head Coach Ken Howe said makes Libby an exceptional player.

“I don’t think Joey has a weakness,” Howe said.

Howe went on to talk about Libby’s leadership and natural talent.

“He leads by example, he does all the little things well that are hard to teach — and Joey has that,” Howe said.

Libby’s teammates also had high praise for the center fielder.

“He shows up every day and plays as hard as he can,” Cody Dube, junior and captain of the team, said, “He takes a lot of pride in how he plays and his preparation. When he has a poor at-bat, he really takes it to heart.”

However, even Libby himself admitted that he has a weakness.  After tough at-bats, Libby, along with his teammates, said that he psyches himself out at times.

“Sometimes he gets in his own head a little bit,”  Tanner Chase, another captain of the team and third-baseman, said.

Off the field, the athlete’s artistic side comes out. Libby is a musician, playing the guitar and singing when out of his Owls uniform.

Libby’s teammates said they enjoy seeing that side of him.

“He plays a lot of instruments and he sings. Some of the teammates give him a hard time for it, but it’s awesome. We love it,” Dube said.

In order to make it to the playoffs, the players agree that the team needs to start playing at a similar level as Libby.

“We need our whole team playing at his level because he’s been having an awesome year so far,” Chase said.Libby’s consistency has yet to carry over to the overall success of the team

As of April 20, the Owls currently hold a record of 8-18, with a 2-7 record in conference.

The season isn’t going the way that the team would like it to, according to Howe.

“Probably the best word to describe it is ‘inconsistent,” Howe said.

Howe attributes lack of preparation as a major reason why the Owls have been unable to win on a consistent basis.

Weather conditions have kept the KSC baseball team off the practice field.

The Owls currently sit in last place in the Little East Conference standings. Players said that they expect to step up their play, and for Libby to continue to produce.

“He’s just got to keep doing what he’s been doing,” Chase said.

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