Looking for a meal with the perfect balance of sweet and savory?

Then look no further.

I had this salad at a restaurant not too long ago and tried to recreate it with things I had in my own kitchen.

Although this salad already has a lot going on, there are many small modifications you can make to make this salad different every time.

You can also change it up by simply changing how you prepare the chicken.

For example, you can marinate or season the chicken with buffalo sauce, Italian dressing, salt and pepper or you can buy a rotisserie chicken.

Taylor Thomas / Student Life Editor

Taylor Thomas / Student Life Editor

This salad will give you your daily portion of vegetables and is a great source of protein.

Spinach is also a great source for   iron and calcium and high in vitamins A and C, which makes it the perfect base for a salad.



– 1 medium cucumber

– ½ of a medium tomato

– ¼ of a red onion

– 1 small head of broccoli

-½ of an avocado

– dried cranberries

– honey roasted sliced almonds

– feta or gorgonzola cheese

– 1 egg

– 1 chicken breast

– bacon


1) Cook chicken on stove and season as you’d like

2) Hard boil the egg

3) While the egg and chicken are cooking, chop up the cucumber, tomato, red onion, broccoli and avocado

4) In a large bowl add spinach and chopped vegetables

5) After the egg and chicken are done cooking slice thin and add to salad

6) Sprinkle salad with dried cranberries, almonds, cheese and bacon

7) Add dressing of your choice

You can find more at www.allrecipes.com

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