With study away deadlines approaching, the Global Education Office [GEO] hosted “Go Away Day” inside the L.P. Young Student Center to inform and persuade interested students to take advantage of the opportunity to go abroad.

The application deadline for studying away in the fall of 2015, which was originally March 1, was extended until Sunday, March 8.

The deadline to study away this upcoming summer is March 31.

Go Away Day took place Wednesday  Feb. 25 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. outside of Lloyd’s Marketplace.

Photo Illustration by Taylor Thomas

Photo Illustration by Taylor Thomas

The GEO staff and global ambassadors set up a table with informative brochures, pamphlets and complimentary globe stress balls, as well as pictures of students and their study abroad experiences.

Sitting at the GEO table were global ambassadors Christa DeMovellan and Laura Gendreau, who gave insight about study abroad programs and shared their experiences to interested students.

KSC global ambassadors are students who have studied abroad and now work closely with the GEO by speaking to classes and attending events to encourage others to study away.

DeMovellan said that she traveled to Florence, Italy for her study abroad experience.

“It was beautiful and I need to go back,” DeMovellan said.

Gendreau said that she was able to travel to fourteen countries in three and a half  months when she did Semester at Sea.

Both students agreed that they took on the duty of being a global ambassador so that they could influence interested students to go abroad as well.

“I guess I became an ambassador so that I could promote the idea of going abroad. Not too many people know about it, I didn’t either until I talked to a global ambassador,” DeMovellan said.

She continued, “Overall I did it just to tell people that they need to go.”

In addition to helping promote the abroad experience, Gendreau said that she became an ambassador for other reasons as well.

“Not only does it look great on a resume, but it is a great way to stay involved with the traveling experience,” Gendreau said.

Gendreau said by being a global ambassador she gets to talk with students about her experience, connect with others who have studied abroad or traveled and work closely with the GEO.

As for students interested in studying abroad, both global ambassadors said that the one piece of advice they would give is to “just go.”

“It is never too early to get started. Speak with an advisor or someone in your major about where you should go and what classes to take,” DeMovellan said.

Gendreau added, “Even if you are considering it, do it. You won’t regret it because it is a life changing experience.”

Junior Rachael Levy weighed in on how she reached her decision to go abroad to Stellenbosch, South Africa during this coming summer.

“I have always wanted to travel to South Africa. Originally I just wanted to go on a vacation there but that did not seem like enough time to be able to do everything that I want to do,” Levy explained.

“When I found a program that was a little over a month long, it seemed like the perfect amount of time to be able to see and do everything I want to while I am there,” Levy explained.

During the decision making process of whether to go abroad or not, Levy said that she has always wanted to go abroad but was hesitant because of her course load.

“I have always loved traveling but it is hard to study abroad in the nutrition major because our classes are so specific and it is hard to get classes that will transfer over correctly,” Levy said.

She continued, “Sophomore year I started reading more about doing a study abroad program over the summer.”

“The summer programs seemed like a better fit because I would not have to worry about taking nutrition classes and the programs are shorter in length,” Levy explained.

For her upcoming trip, Levy said that she is most excited to be able to experience another culture that she would not otherwise have been exposed to.

“I have already been to Europe so I am hoping to get a completely different experience by going to South Africa,” Levy said.

Sophomore Gabriella Pace also shared her plans to go abroad for this coming summer.

Pace said that she is traveling to Florence, Italy for eight weeks.

“At first I wanted to go to Australia but I did not like the six week programs offered. So then I thought about it and decided Europe would be a great place to go,” she said.

“You can visit so many other countries, which is unlike anywhere else. I’m also Italian so it will be cool to see my roots and maybe some family,” Pace said.

In reaching her decision to go abroad, Pace said that she had always known that she wanted to study away.

“I have always known that I wanted to study away because it is an experience that you’ll never be able to get again,” she explained.

Pace continued, “Once I graduate, I have to worry about a career and eventually a family so now is the best time for me.”

“My parents have also said that it is something they really want me to do too so it’s always been something I have known I would do,” she said.

During her time in Italy, Pace said that she hopes to gain a lot of culture and experience.

“It will be cool to see how a different country works and how well I can adapt to living there for almost two months,” Pace said.

She continued, “I hope to become even more independent and more mature. I also hope to learn a lot but have a ton of fun while doing it.”

Interested students should visit the GEO on the third floor of the Elliot Center and get started on an application as soon as possible.

Brogan Wessell can be contacted at bwessell@kscequinox.com

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