In order to promote sexual awareness, Mentors in Violence Protection, or MVP, made a presentation to the Keene State College student athletes in the Mabel Brown Room on Sunday night, Feb. 22.

A few members of the KSC baseball team shared their thoughts on the presentation, which primarily dealt with the idea of consent.

First-year at KSC Abe Grainger said it was an interesting presentation and that it taught him some valuable things about sexual awareness, specifically about consent.

Grainger explained, “You got to have a definitive answer and no means no at all times.”

He stated that this point really stood out to him.

In agreement with Grainger, KSC sophomore John Agiorgousis said that it is important to get consent before anything happens.

During the presentation, one student-athlete stated that a “head nod” was enough for consent.

Agiorgousis stated, “A head nod is not enough. You need a verbal ‘yes’ in order to consent.”

Along with this, KSC first-year Kevin Gonzales said, “It is important for two individuals to agree on the topic of sex.”

He explained that most of the presentation related to the idea of sexual consent and that was the most he got out of the entire presentation.

He further explained that it was interesting at the same time as it was educational.

In addition to Gonzales, KSC first-year Christian Bourgea said, “No always means no, which is important because not a lot of people go by that standard.”

He further stated that two partners have to be in agreement with the terms of consent.

He stated how it is important, whether in a relationship or not, to receive consent before any sexual activity.

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