This past Tuesday, Jan. 27, Keene State College students suited up to brave the first blizzard of the new year.

With snow up to their shins and temperatures dropping lower and lower, students weighed in on how they take on winter fashion.

Many students, such as junior and film major Samantha Provencher, revealed they find themselves dressing much more casually in the winter than they do in the fall and spring.

“In the winter I don’t go outside as much because of the cold and I tend to stop caring what I look like at this point of year,” she said.

Provencher continued, “But once it gets nice out, I usually love to dress up again. The nice weather brings out the cute outfits in me,” she stated.

Provencher expressed that she finds herself wearing clothing such as leggings, sweaters, boots, scarves and workout gear during the winter because they allow her to be comfortable and warm.

Kyle Bailey / Photo Editor

Kyle Bailey / Photo Editor

Junior Hayley Grove, an elementary education and American studies major, also expressed that she aims for comfort and warmth during the winter season.

Grove noted that the warmer weather is typically when she likes to dress up for class.

The ladies at KSC are not the only ones dressing to stay warm this winter.

Stephen Przyborowski, a safety and occupational health applied sciences major, said when going to class he bundles up because of the uncertainty of the temperature of the classroom.

“I usually throw on jeans with a long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, winter jacket and boots because I never know if the heat will be on or not in the classroom,” he said.

Sophomore Karisa Spanos stated that she too felt dressing for comfort and warmth to class is necessary.

She also noted that her least favorite aspect of winter fashion is layering.

“I hate all the layers you have to put on to go outside — when you finally get to class you have to take it all off because the classroom can be so hot,” Spanos said.

Unlike Spanos, Provencher revealed that her least favorite part of winter fashion is the lack of outfit choices that comes with the cold weather.

“I don’t mind dressing up in the winter but I don’t like the lack in variety,” she said.

“Usually us girls just wear jeans and a nice shirt, whereas in the summer we have options like skirts, shorts, pants, tanks, etc.,” Provencher continued.

Though the majority of students revealed that dressing for warmth and comfort during the week is essential, Spanos noted that dressing for a party is a whole different ball game.

“During the weekdays I dress warm because I am constantly outside walking from class, to the DC, the library, then back to class,” Spanos said.

She continued, “But on the weekends I’ll wear skirts, dresses or tank tops because I want to express my style and I know I’ll be indoors.”

Grove agreed with Spanos by adding, “When I go out [on weekends] I definitely get more dressed up. I like to look nice when I go out with my girls.”

Przyborowski said that his weekend look does not differ much from his classroom style.

As for the ladies’ looks, Przyborowski said he likes when girls dress up on weekends, but does not understand some of their outfit choices.

“Sometimes I’ll see girls go out in these tiny dresses with nothing else but a North Face jacket on and I don’t get how they don’t freeze or get sick — it can get really cold out at night,” Przyborowski said.

Spanos, Provencher and Grove all noted that they all like seeing a man dress up on the weekends — even if it’s just a little bit.

“Just look presentable,” Provencher said.

“I don’t really like a guy who wears sweatpants and t-shirts all of the time. I mean to class and hanging around is fine, but when we are out I would prefer something nice,” she continued.

As for the do’s and don’ts of winter fashion?

Spanos suggested avoiding neon or bright colors during the winter and instead stick to darker colors.

Grove and Provencher both agreed that there is such thing as looking cute while simultaneously avoiding frostbite on the weekends.

“Wear thicker, more durable shoes and dress them up with leg warmers,” Grove said.

“Leg warmers are great because they look cute under your boots and add an extra layer of warmth,” she continued.

Provencher added, “Wearing tight skirts, open toed shoes and anything that shows too much skin might result in frostbite — or just some nasty stares from other people.”

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