Alison Riley met with Student Assembly Tues. Feb. 3 to discuss the new mandatory orientation program for all students living off-campus.

Riley, the Coordinator of Student and Community Relations, said the orientation would be offered four times in the Spring in the Mabel Brown Room to ensure large groups can participate at the same time.

This 75 minute program has been around for years but is just now becoming mandatory.

Anyone eligible to move off campus as well as anyone already living off campus will have to do the program. However, once you do the program once, you won’t have to do it the next year even if you live off-campus again.

Riley also mentioned her desire for more representation of off-campus students on campus. “Often times your voices aren’t heard in an active way,” she said.

In other news, the Athletic Training Society requested a transfer of funds from their Professional Services Account to their Travel Account. According to their treasurer, the group needs more money for their travel expenses.

He said the group doesn’t need too much money in the Professional Services Account since they don’t have speakers often. The motion to transfer funds was approved.

The final piece of news on Tuesday was a request to approve a constitution for a new official club on campus. Victoria Tine, a student and registered UNICEF volunteer hoped to form an official UNICEF club on campus.

“UNICEF is already involved in the KSC community, so why not make it an official club,” Tine said, explaining her reasoning for wanting to form the club. Already twenty-five students expressed interest in the club to Tine, with many more hopefuls.

“My goal is to raise more awareness about the issues that are going on with children,” Tine said.

The constitution was approved by the student assembly so the UNICEF club is officially real.

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