Be in control of your education

Students invest insurmountable time and money into their education. They spend hours in class and even more hours doing homework, all working toward their specific graduation goals.

Is it possible some students may be going through the process blindfolded? Students believe they are on track with their chosen major, but they may be completely wrong.

The Equinox would like to stress the importance of getting on track early on in your college years. An important component of making sure you are on track as a student is to properly declare your major.

Unfortunately, verbally saying, “I am a journalism major,” does not make you recognized by the college as a member of that program. According to the page, “all students are urged to declare a major before they have earned 60 credits.”

Photo Illustration by Kyle Bailey / Photo Editor

Photo Illustration by Kyle Bailey / Photo Editor

In order to properly declare a major, the student must complete a Declaration of Degree and Major form, which can be found at Academic Career Advising in the Elliot Center. The student must also get the appropriate signatures for this form and return it to the Registrar’s Office.

Students who put this process off  may jeopardize their ability to graduate in the desired four years.

In addition to obtaining and filling out this paperwork, students must also choose an advisor with whom they can consult for guidance and scheduling concerns.

The Equinox encourages the student body as a whole to take responsibility of its education and make major declaration a priority.

We are not saying that students should rush the decision to declaring a major. However, we do not believe waiting until senior year to turn in your declaration form is a wise choice.

Here at Keene State College, we are incredibly fortunate to have a strong student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1.

We believe students should take advantage of the resources that are right at their fingertips.

Students should seek out an advisor early on and meet with him or her regularly to make sure they are on track. Maximize what the school has to offer — what the student body is paying thousands for.

Each student should be aware of his or her standing as a student — to make sure they are taking the right classes to graduate on time.

There is no reason students should feel as though they are completely on their own. Each student chose KSC for a reason. For many, that reason included the size of the school.

Being at a smaller school, students have more opportunities to connect with the faculty members, get their advice and take advantage of their expertise.

The Equinox is arguing that it is completely the student’s responsibility to take control of their education instead of blindly going through the motions, unsure if they are doing things correctly.

In the long run, students are better off if the faculty does not hold their hands through the process, hunting them down before graduation to declare their majors.

Once KSC students step into the real world, there will be no one walking them through every move, making sure they complete all the right paperwork. Students will need to take it upon themselves to take initiative and realize that they are mature and independent adults, capable of being in control of their own lives.

Ultimately, success lies in the individual person’s hands. There are plenty of resources out there to help guide them, they just need to seek them out along the way.

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