Name: Eric Dietz

Sport: Track

Junior Eric Dietz recently set a new KSC track and field record  for the 500 meter run when the team competed against Boston University on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015.

Dietz’ 500 meter time of 1:05.95 broke a 15 year-old  record of 1:06.97, set by 2003 graduate Mark Miller.

Kendall Pope / Sports Editor

Kendall Pope / Sports Editor

“Leading up to the meet my coach told me ‘you’re going to run the 500 meter’  and I was like, ‘I’ve never done this before,’ because I normally run 400 and 600s. So, I was really nervous because I didnt know how to go about it and my coach told me to run it about five percent less than a 400. I ended up running it exactly how he wanted and we waited around a little to see if I beat it and then after we celebrated,” Dietz said.

Dietz is an avid comic book reader and said his favorite comic is Green Lantern.

“His power is based on how much willpower he has or the ability to overcome fear and I try to put as much willpower into whatever  I attempt to do,” Dietz said.

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