As spring semester starts, many Keene State College seniors are finishing up their college careers and preparing themselves for their future endeavors.

Many KSC students agree the past four years have been filled with triumph, downfall, mixed emotions and ultimately finding their own paths.

Many seniors reflected on their experiences and education as students at KSC.

Contributed Photo / Lauren Lenk

Contributed Photo / Lauren Lenk

KSC senior Kaleigh Roberts said that she would have liked to pick her major sooner.

Roberts said, “I wish I would have figured out my major way earlier.”

“That way I wouldn’t have such hard classes for senior year,” she explained.Another KSC senior, Nick Piro, said he wouldn’t have done anything different or change anything.

Unlike Roberts, Piro said he spends less time in the library for upper-level classes and more time with his friends.

“Wednesday night bowling was new and fun for me,” Piro said about something he recently started doing.

Victoria Rae, a senior management major, said she wishes she had played a sport in college.

“I spent a lot of time with friends and enjoying the party scene, but I wish I would have played a sport in college” Rae explained.

“I was always really involved with athletics in high school, and would have enjoyed bringing that part of me to college,” Rae said.

Although Rae would have liked to play a sport, she said she also cherishes the friendships she has made here.

“The best thing about college is the lifelong friends I have made,” Rae said.

Roberts had a similar view of KSC.

Roberts said, “I really enjoy how close the class of 2015 is.”

“I made friends here that I will never forget, and friends that I will have forever,” she said.

Graduating college and moving away from friends and a place that has been home for the last four years can be a rush of different emotions, but these  seniors expressed feelings of excitement and energy when looking toward the future.

Piro said, “I’m really ready to get my own place and find a career.”

KSC seniors agreed that the future is an exciting place and the class of 2015 is ready for the next step.

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