Last time gas prices were this low, majority of  Keene State College students didn’t have their license or the obligation of filling up their tank.

According to an article “Bottom in Sight for U.S. Gas Prices” from the Huffington Post, the average price for a gallon of gas has dropped 13.3 cents in the past two weeks. The article stated that this has been the lowest prices have been since April 2009. With gas prices coming down, KSC student drivers weigh in on this change. According to KSC junior Rebecca Marquis, she barely used to drive her own car before gas prices went down.

“I hated filling my car up because of how high the prices were. I also tried to limit how much I drove,” Marquis said.

Marquis continued, “I would take my mom’s car so that I would not have to use my own gas since I paid for it all on my own and it was really expensive. I would mainly drive my own car to work and to dinner with friends.” With gas prices dropping, Marquis said that she is much more relaxed about driving anywhere.

“I noticed the decrease in gas prices when I got back to school and had to fill my tank,” Marquis said.

Philip Bergeron / Graphic Design Editor

Philip Bergeron / Graphic Design Editor

“Now I do not have to think about budgeting for gas money anymore, and I just feel free to drive,” she continued. Junior Ana Rose Webster said that she first noticed the decrease in gas prices a month ago.

“One weekend when I was home, I started to see how much gas prices had gone down. The decrease in prices has not changed how much I drove or how far I drive, but it has definitely made getting anywhere less costly,” Webster said.

Prior to the decrease in gas prices, Webster said that she was not a fan of having to drive.

“I live in Connecticut which is two hours away from Keene. Whenever I went home for a weekend, I would spend a chunk of money just to get there. Filling my tank was pretty expensive,” Webster said.

Junior Kiera Bisenius was also in favor of the decreasing gas prices.

Bisenius said that before prices went down, she felt that she was held back from doing certain things.

“I live in a small town and so to run errands or to go see friends always took a lot of gas,” she said. “The drive from Connecticut to Keene was also pretty hard,” Bisenius continued. Bisenius said that before gas prices decreased, she had to prioritize and budget her money.

“I definitely had to decide what things were a priority so that I could always have money for gas. I also tried to wait to run errands until it was worth it to use the gas,” Bisenius said. According to Bisenius, gas prices have always been a factor in where she goes and even what type of car she bought.

“When I first got my license I already had a car, but when I got a new one I kept in mind how much it would take to fill it. Getting a small, more efficient car was important to me,” Bisenius said. As the gas prices drop and continue to do so, Bisenius said that driving is more of a pleasure then a burden.

“At the beginning of the year I started to realize that the gas prices were getting lower. I definitely drive more now. I can just drive around and not have to worry so much about money,” Bisenius said.

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