Voting Day was Nov. 4, and the Keene State College Democrats tried to get as many KSC students as possible to get involved and vote. 

On Friday, Oct. 31, candidate for State Representative Annie Kuster met with the KSC Democrats in Morrison Hall to kick-off their “Dorm Storm,” and to talk with them about how the political races in New Hampshire are looking right now.

Tim Smith / Equinox Staff

Tim Smith / Equinox Staff

During the Dorm Storm, the group went to dorms across campus to knock on doors and give students voting information.

KSC Democrat Meghan Graham said the event aimed to inform students where they can vote in Keene.

“We’re going to talk to students and just get them aware of their voting rights — where they can go vote, when they can do it and then just talk about their beliefs,” Graham said.

“We saw some students downtown, and they were like, ‘Oh, we can vote here?’ and we said, ‘Yeah, yeah you can definitely vote here, student IDs work’,” Kuster said, “I think for the students, it’s just getting them to understand they can vote here.”

Another member of KSC Democrats, Sarah Croitoru, said many people don’t understand the concept that every vote matters, and one vote can change the outcome of an election.

“Races can literally come down to five or eight votes,” Croitoru said.

“When Elizabeth Warren was here she was saying that she beat Scott Brown in their race two years ago by eight votes,” she continued.

Kuster told the group about the importance of getting KSC students involved, especially in this election, because there are some very tight races. She said that she has the numbers over her opponent, Marilinda Garcia, but that Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown are neck-and-neck.

“For the Shaheen campaign, the student vote could be the difference,” Kuster said.

Kuster said she and Garcia have very contrasting views, so it’s easier for people to learn about where they stand on important issues.

She explained how the differences in the Shaheen and Brown race are more subtle, making it harder to decide who to support.

Kuster suggested talking to students about student loans during the Dorm Storm, because it is an important issue that they can relate to.

She also said that telling students about where politicians stand on abortion and birth control is important because the government shouldn’t be able to deny a women’s right to choose.

“The biggest difference that we have is this really easy registering to vote on Election Day,” Kuster said, “Most places you wouldn’t be able to do that.” Kuster said this system is designed to encourage New Hampshire residents and students attending school in New Hampshire to get involved and vote.


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