Student hit by car on Main St.


Keene State College student Jacob Kilburn was struck by a car while crossing Main St. on Thursday, Oct. 30. 

Kilburn, 21, was using the crosswalk near Appian Way when Christina Goodnow, 24, of Spofford New Hampshire “did not see him,” according to the Keene Police [KPD] report.

KSC student Brian Cronin was with Kilburn when the accident happened. “He was right in front of me, I watched everything,” Cronin said.

Photo Illustration by The Equinox Executive board

Photo Illustration by The Equinox Executive board

Cronin, a junior, explained what happened that night as the pair crossed from Appian Way toward Elliot St.

“We were on the cross walk. He [Kilburn] was about five feet in front of me. There was another kid behind us. He was a random kid, we weren’t walking with him but he was crossing the crosswalk at the same time,” Cronin recalled.

Cronin added that the other person saw Goodnow’s vehicle approaching and said, “That car isn’t stopping.”

Cronin continued, “When he said that I hadn’t crossed the yellow line yet so I was able to jump back but Jacob was too far in front of me to jump back, so he had to out beat the car.”

“The biggest thing I said was this car did not slow down, then hit him — they hit him and then slowed down to stop. Once they did stop the driver and the passenger got out of the car and they were in shock,” Cronin said. Cronin added that after he made sure the car stopped he called 911.

“It was probably the scariest thing I have ever seen,” Cronin said, “You never expect someone to get hit and thrown like that.”Keene Fire Department [KFD] Captain Michael Burke responded to the accident at 10:29 p.m. Burke said that KFD’s ambulance transported Kilburn to the hospital.

After arriving at Cheshire Medical Center / Dartmouth Hitchcock Keene, Kilburn was transferred to their Lebanon location. Cronin confirmed that Kilburn’s condition is improving. The full extent of Kilburn’s injuries have not yet been released, however Cronin confirmed that Kilburn was placed in a medically induced coma following the accident.  “He is out of that [coma]. They did that for the first couple of days to reduce the swelling,” Cronin said, “The original doctor said there will be no long-term effects.”

Cronin added, “The biggest thing I would say is that if you are driving on that road, obey speed limits and be aware that there are hundreds of kids crossing that street. Whether they are intoxicated, sober or just being stupid, we have to look out for them.”

KPD Lieutenant Steven Stewart said, “There is no arrest or drinking or drugs. The driver didn’t see him,” Stewart stated. He added that no charges were placed against Goodnow.

“It is amazing these crazy things happen to such genuine kids. I have never seen anyone just so lackadaisical with life. It’s amazing something like this could happen to him,” Cronin said.

Cronin stated, “I can’t overstress that people need to watch out on Main Street, whether it’s downtown or going toward the highways — we have to be more careful on the roads.”


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