Sunday morning Campus Safety originally reported in a campus-wide email to avoid the bike path area on campus. The email stated a Keene State College student was held at knifepoint while the suspect proceeded to attempt a robbery.  Officer Stuart Mitchell said early Tuesday, Oct. 4 that the attempted robbery occurred at 1:00 a.m. 

At 2:50 a.m. that same Sunday morning the email continued, “KPD reports an unidentified [white male], 5’11 wearing a black sweatshirt and carrying a knife attempted to rob a student … 25 feet from rt 101 on the bike path. Student sustained non-threatening injuries and is being treated at Cheshire Medical Center.”

A second email sent from Campus Safety on Tuesday night stated, “This is an update on the Timely Warning sent out early Sunday …. A follow up investigation on the attempted robbery reported to Keene Police Department resulted in the finding that there was no attempted robbery and no assault.”

Prior to the email retracting the incident, Mitchell said that the student’s injuries were non-life threatening and that from the description he does not believe the suspect with a knife was a KSC student. He said he couldn’t provide any other information about the incident.

At press time Campus Safety was not available to clarify if a student was ever even admitted to the hospital. KPD Officer Kevin Baca covered the case but was unavailable to comment.


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