Watch out Little East Conference, Keene State College women’s soccer has a dynamic duo—Rebecca and Marissa Costello.

The two strong, 5’4’ identical twin sophomores came to KSC last year from Meriden, Conn., in the hopes of sharing the same uniform as they have done since a very young age.

The Costellos both said that they have a unique chemistry with one another.

“People say that we work like no one else together,” Marissa said.

Marissa suffered from a quad tear sustained during a  practice before the team’s season-opener, but said she knows what will be expected of her when she returns.

“I’ll definitely have to prove myself,” Marissa said.

Once Marissa is able to play again, she said she has expectations to become a spearhead on the KSC team,  ”I hope to grow into more of a leader.”

Marissa also praised her  sister, Rebecca.

Marissa said she admires  Rebecca’s ball distribution skills, ability to attack and her team-oriented style of playing.

“She has the mentality of ‘As a team, we win,’” Marissa continued.

Kendall Pope / Sports Editor

Kendall Pope / Sports Editor

Rebecca, who as of Oct. 10 has netted one goal this season along with two assists, said that she gives it her all when she is out on the field.

“I think I’m playing my hardest; playing with heart; playing for Keene State,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca continued to share how she enjoys sharing the field with Marissa.

“I love playing with my sister … Some say we have twin telepathy,” Rebecca said.

That “twin telepathy” allows the two to mesh tremendously on the field according to Rebecca, who said that the two know where the other is on the field at any given time during a game without looking up.

Rebecca made a point to compliment Marissa’s defensive ability and strength.

“She doesn’t get knocked down—ever.  She’s usually the one knocking people down,” Rebecca said.

The twins both describe one-another as tough, hardworking players who give it their all on the field.

Each has their own strengths, but both said that they learn from one another every game.

Rebecca, a more offensively-driven player who plays center-mid and forward, said that she consults her sister in order to hone her defensive skills when trying to get the ball back from an opposing team.

Marissa, a defensive back for the team, also noted that Rebecca has helped her become a bigger threat on offense even though she is a defensive player.

However, when the two are on the field, that sisterly love quickly turns into tough love.

“We’re tough on each other because we know what each other can do,” Rebecca said.

That toughness is exactly what makes the two players so dangerous, according to Head Coach Denise Lyons. “The two of them [Marissa and Rebecca] on the field together is just a coach’s dream.  I think they play with a toughness that’s so high, you can’t teach it.  It’s innate … They push and give one-hundred-and-ten percent every single game.  In practice, or in games,” Lyons said.

Due to an injury that ended Rebecca’s season last year, as well as Marissa’s current injury, the two sisters have not yet been able to play collegiate soccer competitively together since they came to KSC.

Rebecca said she has no doubt that when her sister returns, the formidable defender will get back to doing what she does best.

“Once she gets back on the field, I don’t think she’s going to notice her quad hurting her, I think she’s just going to play her game like she always does,” Rebecca said.

In addition, Coach Lyons said that the having both girls on the field is something to be greatly anticipated.

“I’m so excited about it, and I think the crowd is going to like as well,” Lyons said.

Despite Marissa’s injury, the Costello twins are looking to take the field together for the first time in their college careers this October and aim to help the women’s soccer team repeat their accomplishment last year and win the Little East Conference title.


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