This year Keene State College’s intramural athletes will have a new tool available to them in the palm of their hands. 

A new app called REC*IT  run by has made it easier for KSC students to keep track of their intramural game schedules and statistics.

According to Nick D’Amato, coordinator of intramural sports and sports clubs, the school has used to display scores and schedules online for people to see.

The app then takes this information and generates it for students in an easy-to-use and accessible form.

D’Amato said that the recreational sports administrators don’t have to do anything extra to put the information on the app. It’s something that happens directly through the app’s partnership with IMLeagues.

Philip Bergeron / Graphic Design Editor

Philip Bergeron / Graphic Design Editor

The school gives IMLeagues team names, schedules, player names and scores; REC*IT does the rest. All the information is tightly-packed into the app.

On the app students can track their results, schedules, personalize their profiles and keep up with live updates from their teams and the college.

D’Amato said he’s gotten some good responses from students about REC*IT.  D’Amato then said that students have told him the app is a lot quicker and more convenient than the old website students had to use.

Senior Nate Wirta, who plays intramural soccer on team Pain Train, already likes what he sees in the app.

“I think the app is helpful. The website is very hard to use, especially if you’re trying to use it on your phone,” Wirta said.

Wirta explained the old website was hard to use, as it made students continuously sign in and out whenever they used it on their phones. Wirta continued as he said menus were hard to navigate and it was difficult moving from page-to-page.

Wirta and his teammates heard about the app because IMLeagues sent out an email to people with accounts on the website.

According to Wirta, not everyone downloaded it right away, but some students have since the season started.

D’Amato said an account with IMLeagues is required when signing up for intramural and recreational sports.

According to D’Amato, all of KSC’s recreational and intramural sports teams can be found on the app, so potentially many students could be using it.

He said the IMLeagues website advertises the app on its website and encourages students to use it.

As far as future updates to the REC*IT app, D’Amato said there may be some changes coming.

“They’re trying to get Google Maps on there to show you where to go for games,” D’Amato said.

This would be especially helpful for a school like KSC that has facilities and fields off-campus. Students have to cross [or go under] Route 101 to get to the turf.

Another addition to the app that the website did not feature is a chat option.

Although captains could send out mass-KSC e-mail messages through IMLeagues, the chat option provides a quick way to contact team members, similar to a texting group chat.

In the app’s existence at KSC, it has already begun helping players, like those on team Pain Train, keep track of their sports and scores.

Senior Cody Figueiredo, another intramural soccer player on team Pain Train, said he hopes students in the future take advantage of the app.

“I wish I had known about it sooner,” Figueiredo said.

Since the app provides so many real-time notifications, it makes keeping track of students schedules and communication between teams even easier when it’s in the palm of your hand.

The clean and organized design of REC*IT, unlike the IMLeagues website which is not mobile-friendly, has students in agreement that using the app is that much more simple.

Students can download the app for free in the iTunes Store and on Google Play for Android phones.


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