Tis the season for political ads littering our every source of social media. Nearly every commercial break on TV includes a clip about why we should not vote for this particular politician.

If we are browsing the internet, it is not unlikely that we come across a pop-up ad trying to sway us into either voting for or voting against a particular candidate.

Philip Bergeron / Graphic Design Editor

Philip Bergeron / Graphic Design Editor

Needless to say, we are probably all experiencing a bombardment of political advertisements. Avoiding these advertisements is nearly impossible, as they will eventually show up somewhere whether or not we care about politics; it is all around us.   Although these ads may not be particularly convincing and may sometimes seem over-the-top, they at least expose us to the people who are running. As a result, a decision may be made that these politics are actually important to look into.

The Equinox believes that although this may seem like an annoyance, there is importance and logic behind it. Maybe these advertisements are silly and sometimes inaccurate, but by viewing these commercials the idea of voting is planted in our heads.

The viewer becomes aware of these politicians’ names, and this should ignite the interest in actually looking up the person and seeing where they stand on all kinds of topics that are hot for debate right now.

The Equinox strongly encourages people to get out there and exercise their right to vote. With that said, we also believe that we should not be voting blindly.

If we want to have a say in how things operate where we live, then we should become knowledgeable about what the potential people in charge have to say and what rules and regulations they want to set in place.

We believe that our generation tends to lack effort to really get as educated as possible and really start to get involved in politics.

Maybe politics do not interest you, that is fine. However, if you want things to run smoothly where you live, you should decide who would best be in charge and then get out there and make your vote count.

Do you care about women’s rights? Equal rights? The economy or minimum wage? Vote—whether into into politics or not–you are the one who can make a difference.

We also encourage students to recognize that voting is much more than checking off a name on a ballot. Behind that name is so much more.

There is a person with all kinds of beliefs and ideas that they want to set in place and it is important that we know this person and his or her beliefs. We do not believe that it is wise to simply vote for someone merely because that person identifies as a democrat or a republican. Let’s say you lean to the left on the political spectrum. This does not exempt you from looking up more conservative politicians and researching their policies as well. You may be surprised at what you find.

You may even find that you agree and disagree with people on both sides. We believe that there needs to be a proper amount of research done before you show up to the polls. While we encourage everyone to exercise their deserved right to vote, we also believe that your vote should be an educated one, and one with logic and reason.

If someone were to hypothetically walk up to you and interview you fresh out of the polls about why you voted for whom you voted for, you should be prepared to give an educated response that proves that you put some substantial thought into your decision.

Now once you have done your homework and have finally decided on who you want to vote for, there is no excuse not to vote.

Although you may be a busy person and voting may not be first on your list on things to do, there are ways to help you vote despite your busy schedule. For example, if you did not have time to register to vote, you are able to register the day of the polls. Another example would be taking advantage of absentee ballots, which is especially helpful for students who attend school out of state.

The Equinox is firm in our belief we are all a part of society so it is in our best interest to become informed individuals and become aware of the people who are in charge of us.

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