Student Assembly met Tuesday, Sept. 23 in the Mountain View room of the student center.

Several student organizations were in attendance to request funding for the semesters activities.

The Keene State Investment requested a budget of $4,170.00 for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. The club has approximately 30 to 40 members and they are planning trips to New York City and Boston for collegiate stock competitions.

The club will also use their budget to pay for subscriptions to financial and stock modeling subscriptions. Their budget was approved unanimously.

Members of the Ultimate Frisbee Team requested a total of $3,392.00 from the Potential Account to pay for food, travel and conference expenses. Representatives from the club reported seeing an increase in participants this year.

Practices are drawing roughly 30 participants, and an increase in female team members qualifies the team for more tournaments. The assembly unanimously voted to approve the entire amount.

The Academic Excellence Conference Board requested $3,000 from the Contingency Account to help pay for their annual luncheon designed to connect parents, students and faculty members.

Samantha Schneiderman is the sole member of the board, said that about three hundred people attend the luncheon each year.

David Walsh / News Editor

David Walsh / News Editor

The Academic Excellence Conference Board was allocated the full $3,000 following a unanimous vote.

The Keene State College Computer Science Club requested a budget of $864.37 to come from the Potential Account. The funds would cover supplies, printing, advertising and food for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

The club is designed to promote the Computer Science major, according to representatives. Student Assembly Treasurer Christine Nigzus stated, “It was a flawless budget request. They are going to put those funds towards exactly what they need, and did not ask for anything extra.”

The Student Assembly unanimously approved the budget for the Computer Science Club.

The Newman Student Organization, a Christian community organization on campus, requested a budget of $880.00 for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. The Newman Student Organization was approved for the full $880.00.

The women’s ice hockey team requested a transfer of funds. The wanted to move funds from the equipment account to add to the rental and travel accounts. This would provide adequate funding for ice time and transportation to and from games and practices. The transfer was approved unanimously.

Jeffery Garand was elected as a non-traditional student representative for the Student Assembly at Tuesdays meeting. He ran unopposed for the position.

The Senate Committee reported there are openings on Student Senate. The Assembly will hold nominations next week, and also have students from outside Student Assembly  who are interested in becoming a member of Student Senate.

The Elections Committee reported a low turnout for first-year elections. Petitions will be open for the next two weeks to fill all open positions, including “the rest of the freshman positions, two nontraditional position open … two senior reps, one junior rep,” explained Nigzus.

Student Assembly speaker Caitlin Licence announced plans to host a student body “reach-out” table in the student center. She plans to have representatives from Student Assembly work the table and hear out students. She said she hopes to hear from all types of students, including nontraditional and commuting students. “It’s our job to represent the student body, I think this will help us do that,” Licence explained to the assembly.


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