Students interested in learning how to land an internship or how to master other resume-building techniques now have options with a new Keene State College course.

In the 2014 fall semester a seminar class will be offered through the Continuing Education Department, aimed to help students in these areas. Flyers have been handed out and posted around the college about this seminar, Management 490, and registration is now open.

Adjunct faculty member Alexis Putzel said she will be hosting the seminar, along with guest speakers from local business’ and companies.

According to Putzel, the seminar will be held in room 175 in the science center, and registration is open to any interested student. Putzel said the course is geared toward third and fourth-year students, but said sophomores beginning the internship process could benefit as well.

Denise Grattage / Equinox Staff

Denise Grattage / Equinox Staff

“The seminar will focus on helping clarify the job [and] internship search, application and hiring process as well as touch on what makes a successful employee. We will have presenters from area companies and businesses for a diversity of perspectives as well as myself talking a bit more in depth on resumes, interviewing and those types of things,” Putzel said.

Some speakers included on the syllabus for the course which can be found on the flyer handed out by Continuing Education are Jason Gatley, vice president talent acquisition for C&S Wholesale Grocers, and  Marissa Allison, the vice president and program manager, College Relations of C&S Wholesale Grocers.

Others listed are Priscilla Brisson, the director of human resources for Monadnock Developmental Services, and Martha Curtis, the Vice President of the Savings Bank of Walpole. Patricia Halloran, director of academic and career advising for KSC, said that Alexis Putzel is a highly-qualified candidate to be included in this seminar.

Putzel explained, “I have been in the college recruiting and general recruiting areas for over five years but remember well how overwhelming and confusing the process is as a candidate. My goal is to help the students understand and navigate it successfully and to ease any feelings of dread or anxiety they may have.”

Putzel said the course is worth one credit, and will be included in tuition to those with 20 credits or less. She said for those who will exceed 20 credits upon enrollment, the cost will be the normal cost per credit.

Halloran would also highly recommend this course to all students. “Technically there are no prerequisites for the class so anyone can register. Online registration is currently active until June thirteenth, and there are still seats in the class,” Halloran said.

According to the flyer, this is a 14-week course with some additional key points in the curriculum being, making the most of your time, writing, and entrepreneurship. Halloran also pointed out the course covers how to make the most out of a career fair, a point that KSC student Willy Nevin said he could highly benefit from.

Nevin, who studies communication at KSC, said, “I have gone to the career fairs offered at KSC before, but I have never really known exactly how to effectively go about the experience. I don’t think I am the only student who feels this way, and I think learning how to go about a simulated job hunt could greatly improve student’s skills during a real life job hunt,” Nevin said.

Nevin said he plans to travel abroad through KSC’s global education program during the fall semester, but he has seen the Management — 490 flyer and he hopes it will be offered again while he is studying on the KSC campus.

“We are given the knowledge we need to hold whatever job that as students we have in mind for our potential career path, but we aren’t generally given the knowledge that we need to obtain these jobs in the first place. This seminar seems like it will do just that,” Nevin said.


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