Michelle Green

Seville, Spain


¡Te extraño mucho, Keene State!

Seville is as beautiful as ever. I am so glad to write this second article, after having had time to experience a lot more of what this city has to offer. I spend my days here sitting by the Guadalquivir River, exploring the winding streets and making friends with the locals.

I have traveled to Córdoba so far, where they have a nationally renowned flower competition each spring—Granada, the location of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Madrid, the metropolitan capital of Spain, and Toledo, where the swords featured in Lord of the Rings were made. Every new place I visit here makes me fall in love with the Spanish way of life more and more. They even have the infamous siesta in the middle of the day, when absolutely every store closes for two hours so people can relax or take a nap.

The extent to which my Spanish has improved is something that I don’t even have words to explain. I have begun to think and even occasionally dream in Spanish, which is one of the strangest experiences that I’ve ever had. The people of Seville are all incredibly kind and welcoming, and some of my best conversations have been with some of the more patient Sevillians. I have learned to give directions, watched American movies in Spanish and was even able to tell a waitress that there was spoiled milk in my coffee without too much trouble (which was gross, but I survived).

Contributed photo: Sophomore Michelle Green is photographed with friends in La Alhambra, ancient palaces in Granada.

Contributed photo: Sophomore Michelle Green is photographed with friends in La Alhambra, ancient palaces in Granada.

I read somewhere that a woman should get lost in a foreign city before she gets married, to prove to herself that she can always find her way back. Well, I can check that one off my list.

My friends and I wandered around Madrid for three hours, map in hand, with not a single clue where we were. Eventually we found some kind locals who helped us find our way, but it was a lot to handle after taking a night bus there and only sleeping for a few hours the night before.

Like I said, every minute that I spend here is an adventure. Spain is so rich with culture, and the people here all have over the top personalities that I have come to love. I also fit in well with the lifestyle here. I mean, who wouldn’t, when napping daily is a widely accepted (and, in fact, encouraged) activity?

Travelling continues to show me more about myself with each new place I visit. I have gained confidence in myself, as well as my abilities to communicate with people whereverI go. Each day I’m here I prove to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. Before this semester, I had never been farther than five hours away from home without my parents. I have already survived half of my time here, and I have found an inner strength that I never could have found if I haven’t come here.

There have definitely been days that I’ve wished I could go home, but I wouldn’t trade a single minute of my time here. I have an amazing support system at home, which I never realized until I got here and needed them more than ever. I’m eternally grateful for every opportunity that I’ve had, and I can’t wait to return to Keene.

I never thought I’d say this, but I really miss the snow!

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