Damages surpassing the $1,500 range

Theft and vandalism inside Carle Hall quickly adding up for residents


Carle Hall is a first-year residential hall at Keene State College that houses over 300 students distributed among four sides; A, B, C and D.

The KSC community expressed concerns after multiple instances of vandalism and theft occurred.

According to Campus Safety Director, Amanda Guthorn, and Associate Dean of Student Life, Kent Drake-Deese, it is not unusual for there to be broken exit signs, along with posters and RA boards torn to the floor.

Residence Hall Director, Jen Napiorski said, “On the A [and] B side, the damage moved beyond the usual [damage] to a smashed toilet on 4B, eggs thrown at a fire alarm on 3B—as well as the walls—and two microwaves broken. The theft consisted of twelve to fifteen shower heads stolen from the entire A [and] B side.”

Each floor in Carle Hall has either a men’s bathroom or a women’s bathroom. Cassandra Carlow, who is housed on the 4B side of Carle Hall, said the damage is an inconvenience, as students who live on the AB side must search to find a non-damaged shower in their gender’s bathroom to shower with.

Carlow said, “I went to take a shower, but something was wrong—I realized the shower head was missing and had to find a new shower.” Napiorski estimated the cost of damages is roughly $1,500 without toilet damage included.

According to Wayfair.com, automatic toilets can cost up to $600 to replace, without including labor; therefore, with an addition of labor fees, possible costs could reach total of $2,300 in damages.

Contributed Photo / Thomas Ledbury: Recently defaced Carle Hall property. There was a broken toilet, as well as damage to microwaves, shower heads and walls.

Contributed Photo / Thomas Ledbury: Recently defaced Carle Hall property. There was a broken toilet, as well as damage to microwaves, shower heads and walls.

Napiorski expressed that the incidents took place well after residential assistants finished their active duty, which ended at 2 a.m. Napiorski indicated the toilet was smashed around 5 a.m. Guthorn said, “No one reported it [the damage] to Campus Safety until 1:15 p.m. later that day.”

Because the walls in Carle Hall are thin, and the building is generally loud, students, including Carlow, expressed they assumed it was their neighbors making noise.

Carlow stated, “I thought my neighbors were hammering. It was early in the morning.”

Napiorski said she thought some of the damage was done intentionally.

To combat the damage, Napiorski sent letters home to the parents of the students who live on the AB side. She said she scheduled a damage incentive program and held floor meetings to discuss the issue. In additional response, students on hall council began making a public service announcement video. Bobbi Hinsman, Carle Hall residence hall officer, said damages were out of control. Hinsman said students recently had damages that cost the entire residential hall an absence of guests until after spring break. “This is clearly a huge issue for Carle,” Hinsman said, “But hall council is trying the best we can to reduce damages. I feel as though the residents should be as well,” Hinsman said.

Hinsman continued and said, “Hall council has come up with a few damage incentive programs to try and motivate people to either clean up after themselves or not start the mess in the first place.”

Napiorski added, “If the damage continues, guests will not be allowed [to stay in Carle Hall].”

In addition to Campus Safety, the Keene Police Department became involved with the investigation, which is still open.

According to Drake-Deese, no one has come forward. However, Drake-Deese said he suspected, “It’s likely someone knows [who committed the damage],” and added that he thinks at least 20 students know who caused the damage for sure.  Drake-Deese said he was confident that students involved with the vandalism will be found.

“People like to brag. Eventually pictures will surface or something will get posted on social media,” Drake-Deese said.


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