Even though the numbers show an increase in sign-ups, responses show a decrease in success for the “Dial-my-Calls.” (Keene State College’s new emergency notification system for faculty and students).

Andrea Pauza, KSC sophomore said she has been signed up for the emergency notification system since she was a freshman.

However, this semester she said she has not received  any calls or alerts from the service.

“It definitely sucks this year,” she said. Pauza mentioned the notification system worked all last year for her.

On the other hand, it seems the opposite is happening for Molly Pelletier, KSC junior and Brianna McDonald, KSC senior. Pelletier said it works just fine for her, and McDonald said she likes having the system.

“It’s very helpful,” McDonald said, “I like how they call people around six a.m. so everyone gets a heads-up if classes are canceled, especially for people with eight a.m. [classes] I love the text messages that inform you as well.”

In addition, KSC students Ryan Murby and Alex Brooks, have chosen not to sign up for the system at all.

They said it wasn’t because they heard it doesn’t work correctly, it’s because they hear about “the emergencies” in other ways.

“If something does happen that’s real, I’ll hear about it from other students,” Brooks said.

Ryan Murby said he did not sign up due to his own “pure laziness.”

He said, “I mean there isn’t anything crazy that happens, and if there is, I’d find out on Instagram or from a friend.”


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