During the weekly Student Assembly meeting, Vice President for Student Affairs, Andy Robinson referred to the actions of certain students during the celebration of the Word Series victory as “disappointing”.

Robinson said Keene residents now feel resentment towards the entire KSC community. “The neighbors are unhappy, not only with you, the college students, but with me, and the entire college administration.”

Robinson also expressed that some actions will be taken in response to the incidents that occurred on campus late Wednesday, October 30 and early Thursday, October 31. “We will sit down with some college officials and some of you guys [students] and try to address the issues.”

Robinson stated he expected college students to help the administration to prevent incidents like this in the future. “I really hope you all come out with some strategies we can implement to make things better.”

The vice president recognized that the riot at KSC was not an isolated incident. “It happens in every institution and none of them are really finding a solution. Some of the best schools in the country are also considered top party schools, so it’s not just an issue at Keene State.”

Robinson reminded the students that, “your actions not only represent yourself but also your institution, the entire college community.”

Finally, Robinson said the Senior Pub Crawl comes at a very bad time. “It’s a horrible idea right now, very unfortunate timing considering our [KSC’s] reputation within the community right now.

The Senior Pub Crawl will take place Sunday, November 10 from 2 p.m. to 9  p.m. at different bars located in Keene’s downtown.


In other business:

-The Student Assembly members approved a funding request of $3,000 for the Academic Excellence Conference luncheon. Assembly Treasurer, Meghan Healy, said  for the past three years, the assembly has received a budget request for the same amount to support the luncheon.

-The Student Assembly also approved a funding request of $1,600 dollars for the Environmental Outing Club.

The club’s treasurer, KSC student Michael Staron said the money will be used to fund indoor rock climbing sessions at different gyms.

“It’s cold out, so we don’t really have a lot opportunities to plan activities for the winter,” Staron stated.

Staron explained on Thursdays, when the groups goes rock climbing, it costs $18 per person to recent the gear and use the gym.


Karina Barriga Albring can be contacted at kbarriga@keene-equinox.com

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