Although I am only a little more than a month into my experience studying abroad in York, England, I already know that this was the most important experience of my life. Almost every building in this city seems to be older than the entire United States, making me realize how young my home country really is compared to these European nations that have been thriving for centuries.

Contributed Photo / Mike Messina

Contributed Photo / Mike Messina

The city of York is a very good place to experience England because it is one of the most British cities here, rich with amazing architecture and hundreds of shops and pubs.

Even though they speak English, there is quite a difference in the language and culture of England compared to the U.S. that took some getting used to.


I never realized how often the U.S. flag is displayed in almost every single room anywhere in the U.S., where the British flag means something entirely different here and it almost never seen anywhere. Many people here find America to be very fascinating because of the combination of different cultures to create and combine as one.

Being in an American Studies class here has been extremely interesting, hearing a European perspective on American history that I would not have heard back home. I hope to travel to a few different European countries within the next month or so since I will not likely get this opportunity to see so many places again.

Living in Europe for an extended period of time has already changed me for the better, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to broaden their perspective on the world.


Mike Messina

York, England 


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