When the month of October rolls around and the dark spooky nights  quickly approach every year, most people begin to think about Halloween.

Some classify the month with the holiday and some consider it to be an activity. The hardest part about Halloween is not getting the right amount of candy, but getting the right costume.

“I’m being a bunny ‘cause bunnies rule the world,” Keene State College sophomore Paige Marion said when asked her Halloween costume idea this year.

Michelle Lefebvre / Equinox Staff

Michelle Lefebvre / Equinox Staff

“I’m being a merman ‘cause my girlfriend is being a mermaid,” Connor Havron, a freshman at KSC said.

You may be seeing some repeat costumes from past years mixed with the new creations of this year.

According to Rick Asa, a writer for the Chicago Tribune, there are some very interesting trends happening this year.

In the article, “‘Breaking’ in some new looks for Halloween,” he mentioned  Walter White, who has become immensely famous from the incredible show “Breaking Bad,” the long-bearded “Duck Dynasty” characters, and the gothic forensic scientist from ‘NCIS,’ Abby Sciuto.

Big-name celebrities and their actions bring a lot of attention and merchandise to stores, especially around Halloween.

A few more, he named, would relate to what we have been seeing in the media.

Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes and Lindsey Lohan are big contributors to Halloween costume ideas. Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, for example will put a lot of teenage girls in foam pointer fingers and almost nothing else.

Amanda Bynes and Lindsey Lohan, Asa wrote, will be portrayed through their reckless actions.

Best friends Tanner Semmelrock and Moire Lawson are teaming up. Semmelrock stated, “I am being Bill Clinton and she [Lawson] is being Monica Lewinsky.”

The two went against the norm of the mask politicians that we often see in stores, but still plan to keep the humor of the overall message.

Jaclyn Chrobak and Jessica Sullivan, freshmen, have their Halloween weekend planned out as well.

“I’m being a mermaid ‘cause I love them, [and] Waldo and Pebbles,” Chrobak said.

“I’m being a flapper girl, one of the three blind mice [with a group] and an army girl,” Sullivan said. Both expressed the reason for their choices were because they were easy wardrobes to put together.

Personal costumes are not for every night. Just like Sullivan said, three blind mice is a way to incorporate a group of friends in the Halloween atmosphere.

“I am being one of the Grateful Dead bears with a group,” Brittney Tilton, a junior at KSC said. This is another example of how you can make your Halloween costume a group one.

Although Halloween is an event for everyone, you don’t need to spend money like some do. Costumes created at home can sometimes be the best ones out there.

“I’m being a cop ‘cause it’s the only costume I have in my closet at the moment,” sophomore Erica Pontillo said.

“I’m wearing a Flash costume ‘cause I wore it before,” Michayla Shay stated. This is another example of how you can save money by using items you already have and have worn.


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