Gilbo Avenue was filled to the brim this past weekend, occupied by food vendors, advertisers and musicians. Nestled towards the back, though, was a tent labeled ‘HGTV’. The television network’s magazine had come to Keene with one of HGTV’s well-known Design Stars, Meg Caswell.

A long line stood in front of Caswell as she took the time to stand with each and every fan that wanted their picture taken with her.

Caswell is known as the television show Design Star’s sixth season winner. It was apparent that Caswell was a popular figure at Pumpkin Fest. HGTV conducted a meet-and-greet with Caswell where one could have the October 2013 issue of HGTV Magazine signed by Caswell and have their photo taken together.

Advertisement for HGTV

When asked why she agreed to accompany HGTV Magazine to the event, Caswell explained that she couldn’t think of anything more American to be a part of. She also stated that pumpkin festivals are the kinds of things that fit the HGTV brand.

It was 19-year-old Greenwich, Rhode Island native, Jennifer Cicero’s first time at the Keene Pumpkin Festival. Cicero explained that she came to Keene to visit her friend, Keene State College student, Mackenzie Muto and see what Pumpkin Fest was all about. When asked if she was excited that HGTV was going to be here, she replied that she absolutely was.

“I have never been to Pumpkin Fest before so I’m not sure who will beat the record, but I hope Keene does.” KSC sophomore, Sean Malone, visited Pumpkin Fest this year. He said it was his second year attending the Pumpkin Fest. “I’m super excited that HGTV is here and at the possibly of being on television,” Malone said.

Malone was asked about whether or not he thought Keene would beat the record this year, “Well, Keene is the greatest town in the world and I don’t see how there isn’t any way possible way we won’t break the record.”



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