To our generation, the 1990s were the glory days. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network had amazing cartoons, ‘N SYNC and The Backstreet Boys were basically Gods, and Pokemon Cards were starting to gain their immense popularity. Now, roughly 20 years later, those kids and teenagers that loved the time period they were living in are now entering or have entered adulthood, which should mean they have outgrown their “childhood.” Instead, they are embracing it even more.

“It is our childhood and it is kind of nice to think back to when things were a lot simpler,” junior Matt Pasko said.

“It’s our safe-zone, our comfort blanket,” Haley Reddick, a Keene State College senior said.

Caitelynd Macgregor / Equinox Staff

Caitelynd Macgregor / Equinox Staff

The 90s were a simpler time, like Pasko said. We didn’t have to worry about cell phones, the internet, Facebook and other things we have today that basically controls our lives. Back then, when you walked down the street or sat down in a restaurant, you didn’t see teens and children glued to the screens of their electronics.

The only electronics our generation cared about back then was the television and the compact disc (CD) player.

With this in mind, television stations such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are airing reruns of the old shows we all know and love such as Friends, Full House, Dexter’s Laboratory and many more.

“That’s where we grew up. It’s cool to see stuff then compared to stuff now,” said freshman Bobbi Hinsman.

After surveying fifteen students on the Keene State campus, all fifteen said there is a difference between 90s sitcoms and today’s tv shows.

“To me, there isn’t much great quality cartoons as when I was growing up. They (today’s shows) don’t carry as many messages,” senior Ben Houle said.

“They were way more wholesome back then. They were more focused on family and real life situations,” junior Jennifer George said.

Although there are many popular TV shows out there today, such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and others, we still hold the TV shows we grew up with close to our hearts, such as Boy Meets World, Rugrats and Rocket Power, to name a few.

“They were the best,” senior Cara Logerfo stated. “I think they had good TV shows and games. The new stuff was innovative at the time and it’s still cool now even though it’s older.”

It’s true.

Companies are trying to bring back what was once huge in the 90s. In October, Pokemon X and Y will be released worldwide and it shows it roots in the Red, Blue and Yellow versions we all used to play on Gameboy Color under our covers with a flashlight well past our bedtime.  Some other things from the 90s coming back are the boy bands, specifically ‘N Sync. They did a reunion performance at the Video Music Awards (VMAs), following the reunion performances by Destiny’s Child and the Spice Girls.

“They were such a big impact [in our childhood],” said Houle. “A lot of people viewing the VMAs were teens when ‘N Sync was big.”

“Everybody loved them,” said senior Maria Avery. “They are our generation’s childhood.”

Although ‘N Sync was known by virtually every teenager in the 90s, even if some of the guys out there don’t admit it, some people surveyed thought it was a publicity stunt to have the popular boy band perform again.

“It was advertising towards our generation, Reddick said.

“It’s been 20 years. Everyone who was there in the 90s are going into the job market,” said senior Rose O’Callaghan.

Senior Tim Gagnon, an executive board member at WKNH, the college radio station, thinks it is a way to generate more money.

“Justin Timberlake is on his A-game,” he said. “Timing wise, they wanted this to happen. So why not do that with his old band. Its all money.” It could be a money gig or it could be an appeal to the 90s generation. The 90s were the glory days for us and we see that everywhere, especially on the internet. There are countless Facebook pages dedicated to the 90s as well as all the old cartoon shows having reruns on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. The only questions is; how long this is going to last?


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