I have returned to Keene State College for my super senior year. This year I’m residing in the Bushnell Apartments, or the “ghetto” as I’ve heard. Okay, yes, it does kind of suck. But I’ll tell you, I am living the life. You see, I took a stab at living off-campus and it didn’t go so well. Paying bills, cooking, cleaning; they just were not my thing. On top of working and taking classes, the stress of the real world got all too real for me.

As I finish up my last year, I can now ease into apartment living. I mean, how are we supposed to go out in the real world and be expected to find success with nearly all the odds against us with obstacles which the world, people and ourselves have set? It makes you wonder how many negative forces we have against us. As millenials, we are entering the first flash of the real world. Some millenials are already submerged into the real life scene, like my twin sister. Others, like myself, have no clue how I’m going to function outside of the familiar. So for now the familiar place rent free suffices.

What do I do? It’s a question with a powerful inflection. It’s a question we’ve all asked our friends and family. But are we the only ones who know the answer? Everyone wishes things could be easier, but never gives working any harder a chance. Everyone wishes they could have more time, but ironically at the same time always takes it for granted. Everyone wants more money, but when is enough, enough?

We have mastered the skill of avoidance. Avoiding the real news, for the news of Kim Kardashian’s baby and Miley Cyrus are far too entertaining.

We want a feeling of security. We want a feeling that this world, the one we live in at this very moment, isn’t going to give any of us. Our generation has been studied and looked at through a magnifying glass. We’ve been prescribed drugs for anything and everything. We’ve been outsourced, chewed up and spit out on our parents. For our parents have the responsibility to always take care of us. Right? But our connections with our parents aren’t as strong as they used to be in the ‘old’ days. This could be perhaps due to half our parents are working at least two jobs to support our ventures in the so called real world. But when does this real world start and how is going? Millenials, I need your advice.


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