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There are a lot of things college students can complain about. The stress of class, work and relationships is just the foundation of a breeding ground for arguably legitimate whining. However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel—but it’s not graduation—a small bit of light to hold onto while you can still honestly flash your college I.D. It’s student discounts, and more places than you think offer them. In Keene, it’s Main Street that attracts visitors, and it’s the place for students to bring their visiting parents when they have nothing better to do. It’s the variety of locally-owned shops and restaurants that keep the downtown going. But how many students take advantage of this small strip?


Surprising to some, few places on Main Street and beyond offer discounts to college students, one of the reasons being most of these places are already fairly inexpensive, easily catering to broke college kids.

Nancy Petrillo owns Lindy’s Diner on Gilbo Avenue, just off Main Street. Petrillo said her diner does not offer any special discounts to students who flash her an I.D. “Our prices are already pretty cheap,” Petrillo said.

The owner makes a point: there are few spots downtown that are expensive. Yes, maybe dinner at Fireworks or Michelle’s is not routine, but spots like Lindy’s or Brewbakers are relatively inexpensive. The favored chain Margarita’s is one of the few stops downtown that caters to students with Wednesday deals specifically for the college kid looking for a chimichanga and a strong drink.

Tori Parsons works for Margarita’s in Keene and said Wednesdays are the night college kids should venture down. She explained, “Wednesday’s our student night. We do buy one entrée, get another entrée free.” A reason so few places downtown offer a discount could be because many locations are owned locally—they’re one of a kind, and that’s what draws the crowd. You can’t expect to be given a break everywhere you go. You pay for what you get. But for larger companies, 10 percent there and 15 percent here isn’t such a big deal. The list of places that offer a deal frequently visited by students goes beyond what you might expect.

For example, did you know that at participating locations some of your favorite late night food stops will offer you a 10-20 percent discount if you can sober up fast enough to flash your I.D.?

Such places include McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Dairy Queen and Dunkin’ Donuts. On a more sophisticated level, Apple and Adobe Software offer student discounts with specific purchases.

And don’t forget to inquire about a discount next time you’re feeling really classy and visit a museum or aquarium. Now onto a completely different note: ballgames. Next time you go to a game, even in the major leagues, show your I.D. Many ballparks offer discounts.

Even movie theaters, local and chains. AMC Theatres does “Cheap Student Thursdays.”  Especially tuned to students, many gyms and transportation systems, from train to bus,                                                                                    provide deals. For the shopaholics, there is good news.

The list of clothing stores that offer anywhere from a 10-20 percent. Take a deep breath, here’s the list: Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Charlotte Russe, Madwell, J. Crew, Rugby Ralph Lauren, The Limited, Urban Outfitters and Juicy Couture. The stores mentioned are certainly not cheap, but where’s the fun if you can’t indulge a little now and then? At least now there’s an excuse to shop while you’re still in school.


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