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– Dr. Anne E. Huot, tenth KSC president stated that as the new head of the college she will work to raise funds to offer scholarships and grants for students.

– Regarding state funding for higher education in N.H., Huot said, “It is very important that the Board of Trustees understand the necessity to provide aid and economical support for students.”

– Student Assembly approved the request for $2855 for the student organization Enactus.  ”Enactus is a nation-wide non-profit organization that works to apply entrepreneurship concepts to create sustainable projects,” indicated Enactus co-president Kristin Walsh.

– The Assembly approved a budget of $ 2,000 for the Math club.

– The Assembly approved a amendment in the constitution that will recognize the University System Student Body Representative as a voting member.

– The Assembly approved the request for funding the Student Government event “Chalk Talk.” Assembly will contribute with $5,050.

– Student Body Vice President Sean Carter indicated, “The theme of ‘Chalk Talk’ is ‘Around America’. The students will be able to decorate the cement around campus with theme motifs like flags. There will be food representing different states.”

– Student Assembly advisor and Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Paul Striffolino noted, “The lights by the bridge on campus  were, in part, a great achievement of the assembly.”

– Eric Grady, Chair of the Technology Committee of Student Assembly said the Student Government website is ready.

– Petitions for a position in Student Assembly will be available from April 1 to April 15. Allie Bedell, from the Election Committee encourage the member to “pass the voice” that elections will be happening soon.

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