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A Keene State College student was held at knife point at approximately 12:15 a.m. on Thursday, March 21, in the area between One Butler Court and Holloway Hall following a failed drug transaction.

Justin Bean, 19, from Keene, N.H. was arrested and charged for attempted armed robbery, simple assault, receiving stolen property and two counts of criminal intent after trying to steal marijuana from a KSC student, according to Keene Police Department Lieutenant, Steven M. Stewart.

Lieutenant Stewart said that Bean had arranged to buy marijuana from the student, but “at the moment of the transaction, Bean decided to try to punch the student in the face and steal the drug,” Stewart said.

The Sentinel reported that Bean didn’t carry cash when he intended to buy the drug from the students.

Stewart added, “There was a dispute and scissors or knives were involved.”

According to Stewart, Bean pulled out a knife and the student grabbed a pair of scissors. Stewart stated both Bean and the student acted in self-defense. Stewart said that no one was injured during the dispute. Also, he said no students were arrested on the scene.

KSC Campus Safety received a call 12:15 a.m from a residential assistant in Carle Hall reporting an individual with a knife, according to the Director of Campus Safety, Amanda Warman.

Later on Thursday morning, KPD arrested Bean at McDonald’s on Winchester Street. According to an article in The Sentinel, Bean was not in the possession of stolen marijuana at the moment of his arrest.

According to Lieutenant Stewart, Bean had a sign from a local store in Keene in his possession. “He had a sign from the YOLO downtown when we arrested him. This is where the possession of stolen property charges came from,” Stewart said.

When Bean was arrested, he was also violating his bail conditions by being with an unidentified person that he was not supposed to be with, according to the Keene Police Department.

Bean has had previous encounters with the Keene Police Department.

Bean was charged on March 9 with shoplifting. The Sentinel stated he stole beer from a local grocery store.

Also, Bean was arrested on November 12, 2012 for combat after an accident.

Bean was out on bail from his previous charges. “His bail conditions stated that he could not commit any more crimes,” added Lieutenant Stewart.

Bean appeared in court on Thursday, March 21.

The Sentinel indicated Bean is currently out on bail and was charged with common law criminal contempt for committing a new crime while on bail and for violating bail conditions.  Currently, Bean is being held until he pays a $10,000 cash bail.

Lieutenant Stewart said the Keene Police Deparment is still investigating the case.

Regarding the KSC student involved in the incident, Lieutenant Stewart said at the moment, no charges have been pressed against the sophomore.

Warman said she doesn’t have any information if the college will take any disciplinary actions against the student.

Residential Director Matthew Salter chose not to comment on the actions the college will take regarding the case.

Similarly, Residential Life Associated Director Jim Carley stated he couldn’t provide any information related to the case.

At press time, no official statement from the college has been made.

The college Student Handbook states that when there is also a violation of law and an action that adversely affects the college community, the college reserves the right to assert its jurisdiction.

The College Community Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs refers to the law in N.H. and states it is unlawful for any person to possess or have under his control any quantity of a narcotic (Class A Felony) or controlled drug other than a narcotic (misdemeanor).


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