An honest reflection from the student body showed itself on a map of the KSC campus and pointed to the Young Student Center as the center of campus. Many students generally agree that Appian Way as well is the center of campus. This information isn’t breaking news, but what is interesting is the way the school went about retrieving this information and the truth it revealed.CampusB&W

Students were asked to place different colored stickers on places that represent different types of locations on campus. In looking over this map, one could observe that students in small groups each have their special little places on campus. Many students claimed to enjoy “Jurassic Park” on campus while others may not even know what this is. Other students put stickers on the bridge behind the gym that leads to the athletic fields. Some students may not even be aware that exists!

The point here is that students didn’t just pick places they go to everyday to show our administrators what we think they want to see. But students spoke out about the little spaces on campus that really mean something special to them. Random places outside of dorms or areas off the bike path were covered in little groups of stickers. Maybe these areas just need more places to sit.

Either way, this is important data. Instead of brushing off these few students, maybe the school administrators will contemplate putting more lampposts in some of these dark places off the beaten path. Or install more emergency call stations in the farther corners of the Athletic fields or the back of the Redfern. Students are trying to communicate that they are not and cannot always travel solely down Appian Way and stand under streetlights the entire time. Including the fact that not all friend groups congregate in the student center. Students are spreading out more and utilizing all the little paths and spaces on campus, and these too need to be maintained and protected.

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