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Around 5.30 p.m., the college liaison officer Kattie Corbett informed that the four victims of the knifepoint robbery in Water St. were Keene State College students. Corbett said the event was described as ‘random in nature’ because, “we believe it might not have been planned… the victims might not have been ‘targeted'”.

About the age of the presumed attacker Corbett said, “it is difficult to tell, it could be someone that was 17, 18, 20, 21.” She  explained, “KPD can’t provide details because that could affect the investigation.”

The Equinox will provide further details once more information is available.


A knifepoint robbery and assault occurred early Saturday, Feb. 2 about a half-mile away from Keene State College at the intersection of Water St. and Willow St., reported the Keene Police Department. One of the victims was injured with non-life threatening wounds in the throat.

According to a press release, at around 3 a.m., four individuals approached a group of four adult males and threatened the victims with a knife and demanded the victims turn over their possessions.  Three of the suspects wore dark masks.

During the robbery, one of the victims was wounded in the throat area, police said. The person cooperated with the suspects’ demand but was still injured.

The police department informed the suspect who appeared to be the leader took off his mask before the victims ran away. He is described as a white male approximately five feet nine inches in height, approximately in his late teens, wore glasses and had blonde hair. Police indicated he was wearing white “camo-type” pants with a white sweater and a dark knit mask.

 KPD informed the state and local police used the department’s  K-9  handler to try to locate the suspects. The search provided no further information. Keene Police officers are currently working on the case.

A communication sent by Campus safety on Saturday at noon stated “there is no information indicating whether any of the individuals are Keene State College students.”

At 4.pm. the Keene Police Department still has no further information on the case, informed Sargent Chris Simons. As campus safety  informed earlier, “We currently have no information whether the individuals involved had any relation with the [Keene State] college,” Simons said.

The police described the event as “random in nature.” Campus Safety stated in the notification that students shall “use caution and be aware when walking near or around campus, walk with others and avoid short cuts and poorly lit areas.”

The Equinox will provide further details once more information is available.

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